Wednesday, February 07, 2024

Lamar man, 70, charged with two counts of child molestation

A 9 a.m. March 5 arraignment is scheduled in Barton County Circuit Court for a Lamar man charged with two counts of child molestation.

The probable cause statement offered no details of the allegations against Stephen Mark Ansley, 70, except that the alleged crimes took place sometime between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013.

The Barton County Sheriff's office investigated the case.


Anonymous said...

He did that with the wrong prosecutor. Smalley will send him away.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Mark Ansley - is a Sick Bastard - - Send him to Jail for the Rest of his Life -

We have to Protect Our Children and Teach these Pedophiles that Society will Not Stand for their Pedophile Actions.

We need Tough Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys, and Jurors - Who are Sick and Tired of Letting these Bastards - Commit these Heinous Crimes.

No More Slaps on the Wrist, No More Get Out of Jail Free Cards, No More Backroom Courthouse Deals, and No More Probation - -

Let's Send A Message that our Society will Not Stand for this.

Anonymous said...

Typical Trump supporter.

Anonymous said...

By far is this a typical trump supporter.

Anonymous said...

Dumbest comment ever! Focus!

Anonymous said...

He was an Elder and Sunday School Teacher at Milford Christian Church. Leadership knew but kept it secret until charges were filed. Now they're saying not to discuss it with anyone outside Milford Christian. It's as though they consider him a victim in this, not the perpetrator. His grand daughter is the victim.

Anonymous said...

What happened to innocent till proven guilty? Probably every person commenting is like me and don’t know the facts. Sad people want the worst.