Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Statutory sodomy charge filed against Granby man

A statutory sodomy charge was filed against a Granby man today in Newton County Circuit Court.

An arrest warrant was issued for Matthew Norman Glueckert (DOB 1981) with no bond. Glueckert allegedly provided meth to a 15-year-old girl, who was required to perform a sexual act on him, and masturbated in front of her and a 12-year-old girl.

From the probable cause statement:

I spoke to Matthew Gluecker about the allegations. Matthew stated that if his hand was in his pants he was adjusting his hernia, and that all allegations made against are not true. He stated he loves the girls and would never do anything like he is accused of. 



Anonymous said...

Another Pedophile - Matthew Norman Glueckert - every other story is about another Sick Bastard committing crimes against Children. May they Rot away in Jail.

Chase Efton Burk said...

I know him and I know those girls and their mom and grandma. I have never seen Matthew ever act or be inappropriate with those girls. This is not true! Without a doubt, being a witness, first hand Matthew did not commit the charges against him! The Law enforcement better question those girls and their mom and grandma very hard. I guarantee their stories will not match. 100% positive! The mom and grandma are the ones that should be behind bars. I will testify in Matthew's defense , this is false , not true!!

Chase Efton Burk said...

Not true! I'm a first hand witness! Matthew is innocent! The mom and grandma have made up this lie and told those girls to go along with it. Matthew is not their Dad, so those girls are loyal to their mom and grandma. The mom and grandma are the biggest liars and cruelest individuals I have ever met in my life! I will testify in Matthew's defense!!!