Monday, February 26, 2024

Probable cause: Neosho man says he stabbed son because he was 'drunk, disrespectful and cussing'

The Newton County Prosecuting Attorney filed felony domestic assault and armed criminal action charges today against a Neosho man who stabbed his son.

A no bond warrant was issued for Ketler Manuel (DOB 1969).

According to the probable cause statement, a Neosho police officer arrived to find the son facedown with blood on his back.

It was later determined that the father, Kelter Manuel, stabbed {the son} Mr. facedown on the ground with blood on his back. Manuel was given his Miranda Rights and when he was asked why he stabbed {his son} he stated, " He was drunk and disrespectful, and was cussing, so I stabbed him to calm him down."

Officers attempted to speak to {the son} about the incident, but he did not provide any information.


Anonymous said...

Another tragic Alcohol related action.

Anonymous said...

Islanders and alcohol do not mix

Anonymous said...

Let's not be fooling ourselves by being racist about the bad effects of alcohol.

It's just as fair to say that trailer park residents and alcohol do not mix.

Anonymous said...

White people are th biggest drinks and addicts of anyone

Anonymous said...

Very true

Anonymous said...

128 sure is a bigoted bastard.