Friday, February 16, 2024

Joplin man faces new felony charge after brief escape from Webb City Jail

A felony escape charge was filed today in Jasper County Circuit Court against a Joplin man who made a brief effort made a break for it after he got his phone call at the Webb City Jail Thursday and was captured two blocks away.

John Austin Zippro was being held in the jail after being arrested for drug trafficking and two counts of possession of a controlled substance following a search conducted after he was allegedly caught attempting to pass counterfeit $10 bills at Wendy's.

From the probable cause statement:

John Zippro, while in custody for felony charges, artel after completing a phone call in the jail, spoke with detectives in the jail hallway, He then turned around and ran out through the rear door of the police department. 

Both detectives pursued him two and a half blocks before arresting him. After detectives took him back into custody, he made a second attempt to escape from the detectives' patrol car where they had to restrain him.

Zippro was not finished yet, according to the statement. While being taken to the Jasper County Jail, he "attempted to mess with his lap belt and leg chains, along with purposefully vomiting and acting like he was fainting."

Zippro's bond, which had been set at $30,000 cash or surety, is now $30,000 cash only.

For information about the drug trafficking and possession charges against Zippro, check the link below>


Anonymous said...

Can't blame a guy for trying.

Anonymous said...

All for a fake $10, I’d love to ask if it was worth it. 😂

Anonymous said...

Worked in the newsroom as my first job right out of college. Tom Murray hired me, Ed Simpson ran me off. Never took the paper when I worked there, haven’t read it since I left. If a former employee doesn’t see the need to read or have a subscription why would anyone else? Still curious if good old Ed and the advertising director are “friends.” I heard Blake really loved him.