Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Anderson man charged with statutory sodomy involving 10-year-old girl free on $75,000 bond

(Note: The Joplin Globe is reporting that Rusty Little was mistakenly released after posting a $25,000 cash bond. The bond was set at $75,000- $25,000 cash and $50,000 surety. Another warrant issued for Little's arrest, according to the Globe. This post has been changed to reflect the amount that was posted.)

A 9 a.m. March 13 arraignment is scheduled in Jasper County Circuit Court for an Anderson man charged with two counts of statutory sodomy with a 10-year-old girl and a felony count of sexual misconduct involving a child.

Rusty Little (DOB 1966), is free after posting a $25,000 cash bond today. The bond was actually set at $75,000- $25,000 cash and $50,000 surety, meaning a warrant had to be issued to bring Little back.

The Jasper County Sheriff's Office's investigation into Little began February 7, according to a news release. He was arrested Monday at his workplace in Joplin.

The sexual misconduct charge was a felony due to a prior conviction, the probable cause statement said.


Anonymous said...

Let's get em boys

Anonymous said...

So, everyone look at the last few posts. Hard time for perverts in the federal court system. The one in Jasper county, this one, gets set free with a $50,000 discount. Jasper co seems to cater to the pervs. Let’s get the current group of incompetent and soft people out and get someone paying attention and serious about crime in.

Anonymous said...

All I need is some rubber garden hose, a set of jumper cables from my truck battery, a pair of pliers, and a small animal trap, and justice will be served.