Friday, February 09, 2024

Funds being raised for funeral of Carthage youth, 18, victim in shooting


 A Go Fund me page created to raise money for the funeral expenses of Sean Schubert, 18, who was the victim of a shooting Thursday night, has already raised $5,840 from 76 donors in the 15 hours since it was created.

From the page:

A tragedy that most parents don’t face, [we are facing] right now. When the news of the sudden death of Sean came, all hearts were broken. As no one prepares to bury their 18-year-old son, we ask for help financially for this sudden loss.

On Thursday, February 8 family and friends were given the news that Sean had suddenly passed away in his apartment.

We are asking you for your prayers and financial support to help with the burden of funeral expenses.

We appreciate all generosity, love and support.

The shooting took place in one of the apartments in the old Carthage Press building at 527 S. Main. Friends were with Schubert when one reportedly accidentally fired a gun thinking it wasn't loaded, according to the Carthage Police Department.

Though the shooting appears to be accidental, the police will turn over their findings to the Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney's office for possible charges.


Anonymous said...

What a Tragedy - Sean Schubert and others have died senselessly.

U.S. children and teens are more likely to die because of guns than car crashes, drug overdoses and cancer.

Gun-related deaths among children in the U.S. reached a distressing peak in 2021, claiming 4,752 young lives and surpassing the record total seen during the first year of the pandemic, a new analysis of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data found.

More than 80% of the gun deaths were among males 19 and younger. Black male children were more likely to die from homicide. White males 19 and younger were more likely to kill themselves with guns.

Of course everyone touts the 2nd Amendment and the Right to Bear Arms and that you can legally buy guns at 18 - but a good majority do not understand nor are educated on how to properly use, clean, store and handle them in a Safe and Proactive Manner. Then see and play games on Television, and it looks so easy, and they think they are so tough, so gangster, or it is their Right to Own them - - but few have Taken Any Safety / Gun Classes - or the Time to truly understand the General Workings and Operations of Guns - - it is just so easy to Fool Yourself into False Sense - that you are some type of Expert - when we have to many Beginners / Novices - running around playing with Guns.

Do yourself a Favor or your Family - - Take a Safety / Gun Course/Classes - before you go out and buy multiple guns - Learn the Care and Feeding and Safety and Storage of Firearms.

Don't let someone you know become a Victim / Statistic.

Anonymous said...

Tragic and senseless, thoughts and prayers to this family and friends. We'll written 430, sadly, the gun lobby and MAGAt 2nd amendment extremists will continue to instill fear in to the deplorable sections of society that truly believe the country is being invaded by immigrants, minorities, and liberals. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Too the fools above, just like a Dem don’t let any tragedy go to waste. This is an unfortunate accident plain and simple. Don’t try to capitalize on this tragedy. My heart goes out to the families involved.

I bet you both support abortion! You can start there if you want to save lives.

Anonymous said...

It's always an unfortunate accident or worse 751 when it comes to gun deaths. Your problem is that you have very little wisdom or insight so you keep accepting gun deaths as acceptable to justify your conspiracy fueled beliefs that immigrants, lgbt, liberals, and assertive women, are out to destroy your white privileged pathetic life. By the way, I see no mention of pronouns so I assume you've come out of the closet and have finally accepted your identity?

Anonymous said...

There is no need for a "well regulated militia" any more than traffic lights on the moon. Outdated and misinterpreted by the deplorables, the 2nd amendment will continue to be responsible for more death to the innocent than other forms of accident and sickness.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - 7:51AM - I am the Person that Wrote - Anonymous 4:30AM Remarks - I am a Republican and I am a Gun Owner - You IDIOT - I am Not trying to Take Anyone's Guns. What I was trying to Tell You and Others - which it shows that you cannot Read or Understand Simple English and You Jump to Conclusions, because you are So Delusional - - and immediately have to jump to Political Divisions and/or your different Radical View of things.

As I said, I am a Republican and a Gun Owner - that does not Stop Me from Knowing or Doing the Right Thing - When it comes to the Safety of Individuals that the use of a Gun is something that could Maim or Kill Someone.

My whole point is you need to Learn Proper Gun Usage, and how to Clean, Store, Secure/Lock and Handle them in a Safe and Proactive Manner. If it was up to me - I would require all Gun Owners be required to take a Class and that People held Gun Licenses - No different than having your Driver's License is required to drive a Car.

I know this will not happen - but we have to many Guns and to many People that have NO IDEA - How to Use them.

So Stop Jumping to Conclusions and Acting like Radical - - You give Ronald Regan Republicans a BAD NAME...

Anonymous said...

Whoa! 345, take a deep breath and half a valium. Looks like I struck a MAGAt nerve because your entry sounds alot like another flame thrower in the mold of taylor-green. I assume you believe that lazers from space started the California wildfires and you believe 1/6 insurrectionists are patriots.
Ronald reagan is no hero and directly responsible for many of or country's ills. The proliferation of guns and drugs in particular. You'll always justify your views on guns no matter the carnage or number of innocent members of society die from them them. Feebly argue all you want for gun safety but that doesn't stop mass killings, for which we lead the world in.

Anonymous said...

In the East Newton School District in the early 2000's hunter safety was taught by I believe the Jr High shop teacher . It was a very good program. Should be brought backm

Anonymous said...

Again Anonymous 5:30PM - - Your Debates lack any substance - - You again - go directly to throwing Flames to Getting your Feelings Hurt - Which is it... I see You Offering No Solutions - Alot of Name Calling - Because that is Who you are - - But NO SOLUTIONS - -

Guns are Here to Stay - - Let's Work on Solutions to the Problems - Education, Training, Background, Mental Checks, - Licensed Requirements -

Where are some of these Minors - Mass Shooters getting their Guns - From Parents and Relatives that again - do not Educate, Train, Store/Lock up their Guns. They should be held Responsible - of course your inability to stay up with what is happening in the World clearly shows. Read about the Mother of Michigan school shooter convicted of manslaughter in unprecedented case - this Month and her Husband goes on Trial Next Month.

Their is not One Solution - but you have to Start Somewhere - Your View is if someone does not agree with you - They Believe in StarWars Lasers raining down on California - I think you need to get out of your Mom's Basement and Join the Real World.

As for Political Issues - - Both Parties have Not been Proactive on Gun Restrictions or Requirements - -

My Solutions - Gun Education Required, Gun License Required - Now - WHAT ARE YOURS - - You Have the Floor - - Stop Bashing - Start Finding Real Solutions - - that we can use - -

And let's not Forget - A Young Man Died - THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE - Because of the Misuse of a Gun - Cleaning - Storing / Safety Issues - by Someone that did not Take the Listed Precautions that I mentioned...

Anonymous said...

501, utterly preposterous and completely presumptuous that you offer such simplistic and partisan perspectives. I will give you at least some credit for at least knowing there's a problem, however, your narcissism and lightweight ego will probably exclude you from meaningful discussion on the topic. Remember the valium dude.

Anonymous said...

RanDom caPITalizatioN for thE Win!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:37 AM - No Solutions - No Ideas - - Stop Criticizing Everyone Else - - Come Up with your own Thoughts your Own Meaningful Discussions - IF YOU HAVE ANY...

Your Greatest Thoughts are Criticizing - Never do you have a Viable Concept, Never do you have any Ideas - Solutions - - and Heaven Forbid - Everyone that or offers their own Opinion - their Own Thoughts - are Narcissists and need Valium - Please Seek Help for your Lack of Empathy - your Lack of any Positive Ideas or Solutions - and your Codesigning and Condemning Attitude - because I am assured that you need Medicine / Valium to Deal with Life on Daily Basis and in a Society of Forward Thinkers.  

Since Everyone's Ideas or Solutions or Thoughts or Opinions are so SIMPLISTIC - PLEASE PONTIFICATE YOURS - Anything - Anything other than Criticizing - -