Thursday, February 29, 2024

Mike Landis, Mike Woolston among those filing for Western District Commissioner

Joplin Tornado Mayor Mike Woolston and former Joplin R-8 Board of Education member Mike Landis were among those filing for Jasper County Western District Commissioner on the first day of filing.

Ed Scorse and James Pierce also filed for the post.

The incumbent, Darieus Adams is not seeking re-election.

A race has also developed for sheriff with Ethan Snow challenging incumbent Randee Kaiser.

Jasper County Prosecuting Attorney Theresa Kenney filed for Jasper County Circuit Court for Division I, along with current Division 5 judge Joseph Hensley. The incumbent is Gayle Crane.

(More information on Jasper County races will be posted later.)


Anonymous said...

Here We Go Again - Can we get anyone to Run that doesn't want to Pick the Pockets of the Taxpayers and Screw Everything Up, and is only looking after their own personal gain?

Mike Landis and Mike Woolston - are Pure Idiots - - but I am sure that the Naive and Simple Voters of the Western District will be taken for another Ride!!!

Anonymous said...

4:06 nothing but facts, nobody needs these two. It’s just another attempt to steal our money. Folks pay attention

Anonymous said...

In case readers missed the last paragraph go back and review
... Just what we need Kenney and her watered down approach to repeat offenders as a judge. If you dont like her as a Prosecuting Attorney, she certainly will dissapoint as a judge. Voters be aware.

Anonymous said...

That’s right, soft prosecutor makes a soft judge, let take out the trash

Anonymous said...

Woolston and Landis both did irreconcilable damage to Joplin in their own special ways.

Anonymous said...

Landis and Woolston, please leave our town alone. You both are ticks on the back of taxpayers. We do not need either of you ever to represent our community ever again. Both of you should have been prosecuted for the damage you did to our community and our schools. Please go away. This includes Four States Home builders. All crooks!