Monday, February 12, 2024

Joplin Gardens attorney asks judge to make pagan nurse pay $106,000+ in attorney fees

The attorney for Joplin Gardens is asking a judge to order a pagan nurse who filed an unsuccessful lawsuit religious discrimination lawsuit against the business to pay $106,204.50 in attorney fees.

The motion, which was filed today in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri follows a motion filed Friday asking for $7,853.61 in expenses.

Though the losing side in lawsuits is not often asked to pay for the winning side's attorney fees and costs, this case should be different, attorney Clayton L. Thompson of the Ford, Paschall and Baker LLC law firm of Columbia, said in his filing, noting that Judge David P. Rush issued summary judgment against Lucinda Cox

Rush said evidence presented by N & R of Joplin, LLC, the owner of Joplin Gardens, showed it had ample reason to discipline and eventually fire Lucinda Cox and said there was no evidence that she had been discriminated against by her Christian supervisors for her pagan beliefs or that she had endured a hostile workplace.

That ruling made it clear, Cox's lawsuit was frivolous, Thompson said.

Thompson also alleged Cox harassed a witness in the case and that she "engaged in what could arguably be considered threatening behavior toward the witness before the witness deposition."

A more detailed examination of Judge Rush's decision to grant summary judgment for N & R of Joplin LLC can be found at the link below:

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More information about the lawsuit can be found at this link:

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Anonymous said...

Lucinda Cox - Should be required to Pay in the Frivolous Lawsuit - the asking for $7,853.61 in expenses was justifiable - the additional $106,000 is what Lawyers do is Pile it On - No Matter what type of Case - Not to send a Message, but for their own Pockets.

Anonymous said...

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