Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Monett man charged with kidnapping, assaulting woman

A car ride from a Rangeline McDonald's to Wentworth October 22 was a nightmare for a woman as she was assaulted and threatened with a knife, according to a probable cause statement filed Monday in Newton County Circuit Court.

The Newton County Prosecuting Attorney's office charged Geoffery Shawn Kramer (DOB 1973), Monett, with kidnapping and assault.

The Newton County Sheriff's Office was called when a driver saw a woman walking on MO 37 "waving down traffic and crying," according to the probable cause statement.

She did not have any shoes on. The bystander pulled over and called 911. The victim had informed him she was just assaulted and did not know where the suspect was at that time. The bystander said he stayed with her until I arrived. I then made contact with the victim. 

The victim was in the back of the ambulance. She appeared very frightened, crying, shaking, and having trouble breathing. She was being checked out by medics. She eventually declined further treatment once she was able to calm down. 

During this time, I observed slight redness on her face. I asked her what had occurred. The victim said she had re-connected with the suspect, Geoffrey Shawn Kramer after several years and came to the area to see him along with helping him move some of his property. She told me on today's date prior to the 911 call, Kramer and she were at McDonald's in the drive through getting food and drinks. I asked which McDonald's, and she was not sure where. She knew they were in Joplin and there was a Sam's Club across the street nearby. It was determined to be on South Rangeline Road in Joplin. 

It was also during this time Kramer became irate and violent toward her by acting verbally and physically threatening. When they left, he became more aggressive toward her and violently punched her on different occasions as she drove through Newton County between South Rangeline and where she was able to pull over to escape from harm in Wentworth. 

Some of the criminal acts took place east of Diamond on Highway J. The victim said she tried to pull over several times to escape on foot, but Kramer would grab her by her hair to prevent her from fleeing. 

He also punched her in the face and threw his McDonald's cup (filled with liquid and ice) in her face. Kramer also would grab the gear shifter during the incident and put the car into neutral or park while in motion. 

The victim said as she approached the intersection of Highway J and Highway 37 in Wentworth, Kramer began to reach for a knife. It was at this time he told her, "This has gone too far. There is no turning back now." 

The victim said as she crossed Highway 37 eastbound into the 100 block of East Chestnut where she immediately stopped the vehicle and ran away northbound until she was able to seek help from the bystander. The victim told me she was afraid he was going to kill her with his knife, and she had no choice but to stop and flee.


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Is there a typo?

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