Friday, February 23, 2024

Joplin man charged with misdemeanor after reportedly threatening to kill everyone in Newton County Assessor's office

A Joplin man is charged with making a terroristic threat, a misdemeanor, after allegedly threatening to drive his vehicle into the Newton County Assessor's office and kill everyone.

According to the probable cause statement, William H. Starkey III (DOB 1958) became angry with the assessor's office after he inherited a vehicle from a family member and the assessor's office was unable to help him over the phone and asked him to come into the office.

Starkey kept calling the assessor's office and on September 29, allegedly made a final call in which he made the threats.


Anonymous said...

William H. Starkey III - What a NUT CASE - - Over an Automobile - Some People - Feel they are above the Law and can Say or try to do anything they want. He is a Perfect candidate for having Road Rage against others. Take Him Off the Streets.

I hope they throw the Book at Him - - these People were just doing there jobs. People at stores, restaurants, hospitals, etc., are getting threatened everyday they have to take these threats seriously and make them pay for their belligerent actions.

You have all these Karens and Kens out there that think they can get away with anything - I am glad that they got this guy and they need to Prosecute him for these threats.

Anonymous said...

You hope they through the book at everyone. Our bookshelves are empty.

Anonymous said...

No - The Majority of People are Rational Acting and Thinking - Some though Feel they are above the Law and Deserve Special Treatment and want to set their own Rules in Life - - What Happened to having Respect and Empathy for Others???

No Employees or Even Employers - Deserves to be Cussed Out and Threatened to be Killed - for doing their jobs. These Ken's and Karen's - are Self Righteous - and think they can Do or Say no Wrong - by trying to Hurt and Humiliate another Person. This A-Hole William H. Starkey III - needs to Learn the Facts and Laws of Life and Change his Attitude - as well as the Rest of the Ken's and Karen's who Feel they can try to Intimidate Others -

Maybe your Bookshelves are Empty - Because you Associate with the Wrong People - Mine are Over Flowing - - Because I and Others - Will Not Allow Ourselves to be Dragged into the Pettiness of these - Ken's and Karen's. Learn and Show Respect for Others!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey 745, all of us Ken's and karens in the world think you're a overly pious condescending blowhard.

Anonymous said...

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No! My name's not Karen either!!

Make mine a cheap small paperback in the back of my head where it's hard though.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering 1149, were you stoned when you wrote that?

Anonymous said...

I'm stoned right now

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:15 AM - From all of us pious condescending blowhards - We Feel You are Nut Case Too. You have No Respect or Empathy for Anyone except for your own Self-Righteous Actions - Which causes you to Act Delirious, Incoherent and Obnoxious.

Since you are a confirmed Ken or Karen by your own words - - You are Defined as an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist person, who uses their privilege to get their way or police other people's behaviors.

Seek Help - Seek Medical or Psychological Help - - But Stop Bothering People that have True Opinions - Offer Solutions - -

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else smell the mystery smell?

It could be causing all this.

Anonymous said...

If you need to pop a pill, drink a 12-pack, roll a blunt, huff, puff, inhale, or eat edibles to raise your kids, to go to work, pay our bills, or to get out of bed, and face the daily grind the world has to offer. Maybe you need to figure out why!

If you feel you are an entitled Ken or Karen, maybe you need to figure out why!

Because probably you are going to go off on the wrong person like, William H. Starkey III, did and end up paying the price.

Anonymous said...

734 sounds like a ken or karen to me. What are your pronouns 734? Sounds like he/she/they, have significant issues dealing with a fragile ego.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a few people are off their meds.

Anonymous said...

5:00AM - People talk big hiding behind Anonymous postings. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” - Mike Tyson

Anonymous said...

And your point 653? Oh righteous one.

Anonymous said...

@5:00 What are your pronouns?

What a ridiculous question that has absolutely no bearing on this.

If you are offended by someone wanting to be called a he/she/they/them, that is entirely your problem, because I already know you're not checking birth certificates to avoid saying Robert instead of Bob.

Anonymous said...

You're correct 1018, or should I say " Bertha". It has absolutely no bearing on the question. You are quite astute.