Friday, February 23, 2024

Carthage Citizens United pours $10,000+ into city council campaigns

Carthage Citizens United, the group that was formed following Carthage City Council's decision to remove the Water and Electric Plant Board and has made a case that the appointment of City Administrator Greg Dagnan was not done according to the city charter, is providing financial support for the opponents of three current council members.

Disclosure documents filed this week with the Missouri Ethics Commission show Carthage Citizens United spent $10,692.43 during the past month including $1,235.03 to Banners on the Cheap, $419.40 to Carthage Printing and $3,000 apiece to city council candidates Derek Peterson, Jana Schramm and Dustin Edge.

The committee received $2,750 this month to go with the $10,437.05 it reported in January. The committee officially registered with the state December 8.

The latest report showed Carthage Citizens United received contributions of $500 or more from the following:

Steve Beimdiek $600
Matthew Flanigan $500
Robert Williams $500

The January report showed contributions of $500 or more from the following:

William Putnam $500
Patrick Scott $2,500
Danny Lambeth $500
George Goff $1,000
Metcalf Auto Supply $500
Ron Ross $500
John Grines, Longview, Texas $500
Jack Crusa $1,000
Marlee Lasley $500
Jeff Lasley $500
David Haffner $1,000
David Flanigan $500

Carthage voters will elect five council members April 2. Two council candidates, Loretta Leece in Ward Two and Tom Barlow in Ward Four are running unopposed.

In Ward One, incumbent Brandi Ensor is opposed by Derek Peterson. Ensor has not registered a campaign committee with the state, indicating she does not intend to spend more than $1,000.

Peterson raised $3,350, spent $1,845.65 and had $1,504.35 in the bank. He received the $3,000 from Carthage Citizens United and $250 from William Putnam.

Ward Three has a three-way race featuring incumbent Robin Blair, former council member Mike Daugherty and Dustin Edge. Blair and Daugherty have not registered campaign committees.

Edge's financial disclosure report shows $3,250 in contributions- $3,000 from Carthage Citizens United and $250 from Putnam. He reported spending$300 and had $2,950 in his campaign account.

Both Ward Five candidates, incumbent Mark Elliff and Jana Hunter Schramm, filed reports with the Ethics Commission.

Elliff loaned $2,000 to his campaign, reported spending $17.53 and had $1,182.47 in the bank.

Schramm received $4,050 in contributions- $3,000 from Carthage Citizens United, $500 from Jack Crusa, $250 from William Putnam and $300 from JanaCana LLC. She paid $645.60 to Dynamic Signs and Graphics, Carthage, for yard signs.


Anonymous said...

Way to go CCU, let’s get the communist morons off the council and put some Patriots on it. Council folks that appreciate the constitution, Can’t wait for the spineless mayor and Dally to go bye bye.

Anonymous said...

So happy to see that there are ethical citizens running that will abide by Carthage Charter and Codes to the highest regard. Anyone that is for dagnon needs gone from the council. Anyone that voted to remove the CWEP board should be removed. Thank you CCU..

Anonymous said...

Hope for humanity has been restored: no sight of the pious, narcissistic cut and paste Master on this thread!

Anonymous said...

Commies are everywhere guy

Anonymous said...

The amendment between the first and third has not been mentioned either!

Atilla de Avilla said...

The amendment that allows for "a Well-regulated MILITA?

I hate the name "Citizens United", if these sponsors favor that Supreme Court Decision they need to be watered twice daily!