Thursday, February 15, 2024

Joplin man, sentenced for child pornography in 2015, may have probation revoked

The probation of a Joplin man who served time in federal prison for child pornography crimes may be revoked.

In a hearing scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Friday in U. S. District Court in Springfield, Judge David P. Rush will determine whether Frank Ness, 54, will lose his freedom for an unspecified violation. A detention hearing will also be held.

A probation revocation hearing was held for Ness in March 2023 after the judge determined he had violated conditions of his probation that required him not to receive approval from his probation officer before he possessed a computer and using a computer to go to sex sites. Ness was continued on probation with added conditions.

Ness was originally arrested July 16, 2014 following the execution of a search warrant at his home at 1421 S. Cleveland.

As a member of the Southwest Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force carried Ness' computer out of the home, Ness' wife gave the officer the thumbs up.

"You got him," she said. "Everything you're looking for is going to be on that computer."

The search warrant was executed following a tip to the task force that child pornography was being sent to a computer with an IP address that was being used at that house

Mrs. Ness told officers her husband's computer was password-protected, but he has left it on a couple of times and that "she had seen child pornography on that computer," according to an affidavit filed in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

Ness' wife said she had argued with her husband about it and had thrown on the computer on the floor and thought she had broken it. "She said Ness told her he had thrown the computer away."

Her discovery of her husband using his computer for unsavory purposes was not the first time she had caught him in the act. 

"She said she first caught him looking at child pornography shortly after they married, about eight years ago. She said she had caught him looking at it, but he had promised that he would quit looking at it," according to the probable cause affidavit.

Not quite trusting her husband, Mrs. Ness said "she would never allow her grandchildren to be alone with her husband since she had seen the pictures on his computer and didn't trust that he would never molest them."

Task Force officers found 124 videos containing child pornography on Ness' computer, according to the affidavit. All were hidden in a folder.


Anonymous said...

When was this guy released?

He had a ten year sentence, did he serve 85% of the ten years?

Anonymous said...

Eww he nasty

Anonymous said...

When is Society going to Stop putting Up with these Sick Pedophiles. They are in the News everyday - they Sentence them or Slap them on the Wrist and give them Probation - and they turn right back to their Old Ways - - Most Criminals cannot reenter Society the Recidivism Rate of them Continuing their Criminal Actions is Very High.

Why do we allow these Criminals - Multiple Times to continue to Prey on our Society -

Stop Feeling Sorry for the Criminals and Feel Sorry for the Victims.

We need Tough Judges, Prosecuting Attorneys, and Jurors - Who are Feed Up with allowing Criminals to run rampart through our Society.

We have to Stop - Giving Criminals Slaps on the Wrists, Get Out of Jail Free Cards, Backroom Courthouse Deals, and Probation.

Anonymous said...

It’s a shame that we do so little to protect children

Anonymous said...

More drabble from 458. Cringe worthy.

Anonymous said...

Never should have been released in the first place. The sentences are too lenient for pedophiles. It's a crying shame. that not enough is being done properly to protect innocent children after they are born. I am grateful and thankful for the ones that they catch but there's far too many child molesters in the state of Missouri and the entire four state area. Our elected politicians and officials are not doing enough to curb this type of criminal behavior. More funding is needed for these types of crimes. Rewrite the laws. Life in prison should be the only option for pedophiles.