Thursday, December 04, 2014

Business leaders learn about new JHS transitions class

(From Joplin Schools)

More than 70 business leaders, parents, and community members recently gathered at Joplin High School/Franklin Technology Center to learn more about the new Transitions class and to share ideas for increasing partnerships in the JHS/FTC Career Paths.

This Career Path Advisory Committee meets twice a year and provides input on what area businesses expect from future employees. The committee also helps each Career Path team develop opportunities for students. These include guest speakers, tours, projects, and internships. Students attending JHS/FTC can choose one of five general Career Paths.

These paths, developed and implemented by school, community, and business representatives, center around core foundational knowledge and skills, plus the soft skills employers demand from their employees. These skills include attendance, completing work on time, and other characteristics necessary for success in the real work world. Learn more about Career Paths.

During the development of the Career Path curriculum, a new course called Transitions was created to provide students with guidance during high school and beyond.

Students are assigned to a teacher/advisor for all four years. The students meet with their teacher/advisor several times every week to encourage a positive and supportive relationship. Students participate in a variety of activities such as resume writing, career interest inventories, college applications, job shadowing, goal setting, and more to help them develop a successful work ethic and the life skills they need to successfully transition in high school and after school. Learn more about Transitions.


Anonymous said...

I hate transitions. Boring and not helping me get ready for college at all. Giant. Waste. Of. Time.

Anonymous said...

JHS Mission: To prepare you for a career as: assistant hair salon stylist; assistant hospital orderly; assistant nail stylist; assistant [fill in the blank
$8.25/hour job]

Anonymous said...


Hey, it is way easier than teaching them the basic transferable skills of communication, math, science, history,...

Anonymous said...

From what my kids tell me, this is a HUGE waste of time. They are supposed to talk about their feelings and play those stupid ice breaker games that even the teachers don't want to play.

How about some things like filling out applications for college or jobs? I sure haven't heard anything about internships. Even time to work on homework would be more beneficial that this load of bologna.