Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Connect2Culture seeking donations for Memorial Hall plan

After receiving a go-ahead from Joplin City Council members Monday night, Connect2Culture has begun its campaign to raise $65,000 to come up with plans to turn Memorial Hall into a cultural arts center.

Connect2Culture's Clifford Wert told the council that the money for the project itself, if approved, would come from public-private partnerships.
At the end of this KODE video, an address is given to donate funds to Connect2Culture for the project.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean they are going to leave the high school alone now? That would be wonderful. There's an empty library building behind Memorial Hall that could make a great gallery.

Anonymous said...

It is absolutely fascinating how the very class that extolls the virtues of the free enterprise system that provided their wealth opt to sidestep the fact that a "cultural" organization, which has not been built to respond to economic forces, should ursurp public resources to afford them additional social staus and recognition.

If it is wanted, it will be built for profit.