Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Billy Long explains what a Congressman does

(From Seventh District Congressman Billy Long)

Many times folks think of their member of Congress as the person they see at the airport flying back and forth to Washington every week. Or perhaps they catch them on T.V. voting on the floor of the House of Representatives. Fly back and forth and vote pretty well sums up what people think we do.

I remember well something then-Congressman, now-Senator, Roy Blunt said to me in 2009 right after I announced I was running for congress. He said, "What you're doing right now is the worst part of the job – campaigning. The best part is when you get in office and can actually start helping constituents with their problems."

That point was driven home recently while I was touring the Midwest Dialysis Center in Springfield as the first patient I saw stopped me and said "I want to thank you for what you did for my daughter in dealing with the IRS - you really got her quick results". Around congressional offices it's referred to as 'Constituent Services". Whether you're having trouble with the Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, Veterans Affairs, Army Corps of Engineers, resolving passport issues at the Department of State, or any other government agency, I can assist in many cases. Submitting inquiries on your behalf and working through bureaucratic roadblocks is something all Congressional offices are able to assist with. As I tell everyone - I can't always promise a good result but I can promise a good effort in working to resolve your issues.

Seventh District constituents who are planning a trip to Washington, DC, can call or visit my website to request a tour of the United States Capitol, the White House, the Library of Congress, and other popular DC landmarks. My staff and I would be more than happy to help you make the most out of your visit to your nation’s capital.

Congressional offices also offer many programs, scholarships, and career advancement opportunities for students. I am honored to help rising high school seniors interested in service academy nominations complete the application process and am glad to assist individuals reach this noble goal. Additionally, each year the House of Representatives sponsors the Congressional Art Competition for high school students to showcase their artwork on the national stage. Each Congressional District winner’s artwork is displayed in the U.S. Capitol for one year. And, for college students who want a front row seat to our nation’s government in action, my Joplin, Springfield and Washington offices offer internship opportunities.

I can also arrange for American flags to be flown over the Capitol in honor of special events. Orders for United States flags can be made on my website and by contacting any of my offices.

My staff and I stand ready to provide assistance and resources, and constituents should never hesitate to reach out to me.


Anonymous said...

The only airport you are going to see this sot in is the one in Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

I think he left out the part about eating tens of thousands of dollars of food per year.

Anonymous said...

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Need an answer quick! We're gonna be renovatin a Coc*Col* (used asterisks to keep Turner off the scent) building to house the new Bri*** Fut*** (more asterisks-Turner is like a hound on scent) mine waste to ethanol incubator. Gonna sell some bonds and have some jobs for the friends and family. Already have either Trump or Jeb! for the dedication, just need to get the rest of the money lined up. Anything you can git dun on more gubmint money would prolly buy you some more votes and contributions next time for shore.

Let us know about the nails asap else we'll have to use imported screws instead.

Anonymous said...

The primary objective of any politician is get re-elected by any means necessary.

We have way too many politicians and no statesmen.

Anonymous said...

First Billy was "Fed Up" with Congress and now we are all "Fed Up" with Billy.

Anonymous said...

For the price of a meal he will endorse your all you can buffet.