Thursday, December 04, 2014

Former Joplin teacher's blog looks into the writing of Common Core Standards

My former colleague at East and South middle schools, Kim Frencken, has had a successful launch of her blog, Chocolate for the Teacher.

In her last two posts, she has delved into Common Core State Standards and she does not like what she sees.

In the most recent one, published earlier this week, she looking into the people who actually wrote the standards:

So... I moved on through the list. Searching. For. A . Teacher. Just one. Someone who daily nurtures students in the classroom. Someone who knows how to reach children from all backgrounds. Someone who believes that their greatest role in life is to guide, teach, and love children.

I am not degrading the accomplishments of these authors that contributed to the writing of CCSS. I am questioning why they were chosen for the task of writing standards that would affect children and teachers of children. I am questioning if they were qualified for the task of writing standards that would prepare our students for the next grade level. I am questioning why I can't find ONE public school teacher on the list. Why are there so many members on the author's list that are employed by The College Board and ACT, Inc.?

Check out Kim's blog. She answers some important questions about Common Core.

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Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT article!
Dump CCSS and all the testing that goes with it.