Sunday, April 05, 2015

C. J. Huff to Martucci: Don't bring my wife and kids into this

This is the man that board candidates Anne Sharp and Nancy Good have praised.

And to offer some help to board candidate Melinda Campbell, who said during the recent candidate forum that she didn't know exactly what the superintendent does- this is what the superintendent of the Joplin R-8 School District does.

He uses students for his personal benefit.

He uses staff for his personal benefit.

He has no qualms about twisting the truth so far out of shape that it is unrecognizable.

He bullies any woman who dares to stand up to him, cases in point Debbie Fort and Jennifer Martucci

And when all else fails he plays the "wife and kids" cards and talks about how his family has been affected.

And they call this a hero?

C.J. Huff offered the following response a few moments ago to board candidate Jennifer Martucci's response to his Facebook attack from last night:

Thank you for the response below. The letter you sent is subject to the Sunshine Law as it was not private. It was sent to the Board President, Vice-President and I. Additionally, it was forwarded to the Board of Education so that they had an opportunity to hear your opinion. If anyone wants to see the email, they have a right to do so under the Sunshine Law. It's a public document.

Contrary to your comments below, the fact is there were multiple opportunities given for you and others to voice concerns. Two Board meetings with public comments of which you took full advantage, a full public forum where you spoke as well. I also met with you privately on at least one if not two occasions on the issue. What you have mentioned below was never brought up as a concern during any of those opportunities. No question it was an emotional issue. My family was impacted in the same way as yours by the redistricting. That I appreciate and I appreciate your public apology for the comments. With that said, I appreciate that you have now gone public with your stance on our children in Joplin and their diverse needs.

As I have said, we are not a perfect district. There are many decisions that have been made. Some have been spot on and in some cases a different decision would have been made given what we know today that we didn't know then.

Additionally, you indicate that I have been using my Facebook page the last few days for political purposes. I assume you are referencing the one previous post where I cleared up a number of important issues that were falsely stated on a Facebook page. All of those issues have been discussed publicly in the last few Board meetings. If you are suggesting that as a district we continue to ignore false or misleading information, then I respectfully disagree.

You also indicate this is a personal issue for me. I can only assume you are referring to the harassment my wife and children have endured since the redistricting decision in 2012. It is my expectation that my wife and children be able to play in our front yard or drive down the street without fear of being harassed. Hopefully that ends today. My wife and kids had nothing to do with the decision.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same wife that's been tossed out of hair and nail salons all over town because of her hatefulness and condescension? She's a bulldog. I doubt anyone is bullying the little missus in her yard. Unless there is a store there, she's probably never home anyway. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

And by using a parental email for political purposes that includes educational information about Jennifer Martucci's family is appropriate? Who do you think you are?

Anonymous said...

CJ's grammar is terrible. He used "I" instead of "me." And he's supposed to be in charge? Ha!

Also, has he looked in a mirror lately? The current CJ looks like he ate the old one.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Jennifer Huff who has been going around claiming she told her Sugar Daddy that she wasn't leaving Joplin? He'd have to go alone? Oh yeah, that's a sure sign of traumatization there, you betcha. Huff is pathetic. This is like telling Turner to stop writing about his speaking performances because he was getting death threats, when the issue was he didn't want anyone to know what he was doing. I'd be ashamed. Unfortunately, he has no shame.

Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Huff:

Try to see the big picture. Your departure from education is truly a blessing in disguise. Your innate ability to argue even the most indefensible side of any issue will serve you well in the legal, and ultimately political, fields.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing Jennifer driving down the street in her new black SUV doing the princess wave, making sure everyone saw her. She's also not above stealing the campaign signs from around the neighborhood. I can see how sadly intimidated she is.

Huff, you are a buffoon. A pathetic buffoon.

Anonymous said...

Me think he may have an eye problem.

Anonymous said...

The best day of my career will be when I realize I will never have to see this man and his pathetic platoon of inept dweebs again. I learned from Besendorfer to dream big, but if he keeps this kind of crap up, then who knows, maybe it will be quite soon.

Anonymous said...

I see a tornado coming from east that's going to blow toto back to Kansas

Anonymous said...

I drive an SUV. Am I an elitist?
I bought a house in a southern joplin neighborhood. Am I an elitist?
I went to medical school and slaved for 10 years of my life so I could help others. Putting my family in debt with student loans. Am I an elitist?

Do any of you recognize the reaction towards Jennifer Martucci is reverse discrimination?
You are accusing her of being snobby and anti poor
Yet many of you are against her because she drives a nice car and her husband is an attorney- law school takes years to complete and many loans. You don't know her struggles.

It's the same thing!!!

Anonymous said...

There is an unusual number of executive houses for sale in Huffs neighborhood! It's not easy to find buyers in that price range when the school district is in such turmoil. Whether Huff is good or bad, the perception of Joplin Schools is negative.
His attack on Jennifer Martucci is an embarrassment.
He needs to apologize.

Anonymous said...

Dear 4:04PM. No thank you, I live in Kansas and I assure we do not your Egotistical, Blow Hard, Incompetent and otherwise Unsavory Schoo Superintendant any where nearer to our Great State than he currently is. In fact, if we had him over here we might have already sent him away on a split rail ride. (Not the Train type) So,keep your dog in your yard own and let him make his messes there, or get your own split rail.

Randy said...

I don't think 4:04 has anything against Kansas, but C. J. is originally from McCune, Kansas, and Missourians believe in reciprocating when we are given gifts.

Anonymous said...

This may be a stupid question but going to ask anyway...if Huff would step down or leave would we vote In someone new? Or would the board hire someone? Can the board fire Huff? Or is that up to the school district? Martucci, Koch, and Roberts all have my vote!

Randy said...

The only stupid questions are the ones that are not asked. The board is responsible for hiring and firing the superintendent.

Anonymous said...

Was bored tonight so we took the family out on a field trip. We wanted to show them how "the other half lives. " Ended up in Arbor Hills. Drove down Cedar Ridge and saw the very manicured lawns and high end vehicles. One house stood out. I believe it was where Dr CJ Huff pays someone to mow his grass and clean his in ground pool. Must be nice to have such luxuries when many if his employees (teachers and other staff are not getting any raises while his salary increased several times. Proud of you Huff.