Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kimbrough applies for Lane Roberts' board seat

Jim Kimbrough, who has served the last nine years on the Joplin R-8 Board of Education has decided to try for one more year, applying to fill the position that was left vacant when former Joplin Police Chief Lane Roberts was elected, but had already accepted the position of director of the Missouri Department of Public Safety.

Kimbrough made the announcement on the Jim Kimbrough Teacher Facebook page..

The following message was posted:

Hello, and thank you for the "likes" and kind words that I have received since this page began twenty-four hours ago. After being encouraged by current school board members and multitudes of community patrons, I have decided to volunteer to serve the one year vacancy that will be created by the anticipated resignation of Lane Roberts. I think it goes without saying that I have a plethora of experience having worked and volunteered in Joplin Schools for the past 42 years. Please continue to like and share this page in the coming weeks as I apply for one more year on the Board of Education. I also want to thank the numerous volunteers that have stepped forward to assist me in this effort.
I want to take some time to share some information about who I am:

Jim Kimbrough is a veteran educator, having served the Joplin School District for forty-two years. Jim was associate principal of Joplin High School when he retired in 2005. In 2006, Jim was first elected to the Joplin Schools Board of Education. In 2015, Jim chose to allow others a chance to serve the children of Joplin when he chose not to run for a third term. After the election of Lane Roberts, Jim has chosen to apply for a one year term to continue educational and Board experience to the newly elected Board. After forty-two years of service in public schools, Jim is now employed at Missouri Southern State University as the Director of Talent Search.

Through the years Jim has volunteered his services to Life Choices, United Way, Salvation Army and Joplin Young Life. He also served on the Board of Directors for Big Brothers Big Sisters of SW Missouri.

Jim earned his Bachelor of Science in Education, Biology, at Pittsburg State University, his Master of Science in Secondary Education Administration at Missouri State University, and his Education Specialist in Administration Degree from Missouri State University.

Jim has been married to his wife, Jan, for forty-three years. Together they have raised their three daughters and now enjoy their seven grandchildren. All three daughters are graduates of Joplin High School and all have college degrees. Jim and Jan are both active members of Forest Park Baptist Church.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Kimbrough's experience will definitely be helpful at this time. I hope that, for once, the remaining BoE members will put politics aside and do what is right for the district rather than what is right for CJ Huff. Something tells me he won't be around that much longer, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Mongo like.

Anonymous said...

Randy… Jim edited his bio on the FB page. You might want to repost the bio.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Although Mr. Kimbrough occasionally threw a dissenting opinion and/or vote, more times than not, he voted with the "pack" even after he decided against running for reelection. He could have voted against some of the excessive spending but didn't. That says to me that he either supported what he voted for or didn't support it but lacked the backbone to stand up to Huff and the majority. Either way, I'm not ready to give him a pass just because he finally decided to jump off the fence on to the side that appears to have momentum.