Saturday, April 25, 2015

Reader: Support C. J. Huff, you despicable hicks of Joplin

The following comment was received in response to my post earlier today on the taxpayers paying for a $24.34 book for Joplin R-8 Superintendent C. J. Huff on leadership. I thought it might interest you.

Wow...a leader that continues to learn!

 A LEADER willing to stand up to all you turds that hate on everything related to education. And me, the TROLL that sees you all for what you are. 

Seriously? Hating on an educator for reading and learning? Haters are going to HATE aren't they?

 I imagine my comments will be excluded since Mr. Turner's page appears to be for HATERS only.

 Great Job Dr. Huff! keep on learning, keep on growing and all you hateful people - step up and learn something. Glad to know your district leader takes the time to read and if you checked, I'd bet TEACHERS get MANY MANY books and resources for FREE! 

Along with technology, training and everything they need to teach and LEARN...yah see, education isn't an industry, it's EDUCATION and it COSTS MONEY. 

Dr. Huff isn't CHEAP, he's in an a learning organization that REQUIRES he keep on learning; I'd be concerned if he NEVER read and NEVER sought out new learning. Pay the tab JOPLIN - or just shut down your school and live in caves. 


So short-sighted. Bet every one of you spent at least 100 bucks on your last tattoo of something ignorant on your body. 

Shame on you all for how you run down the school serving your community and all the leaders trying to help your families. SHAMEFUL, IMMATURE and IGNORANT. BE encouraged Dr. Huff! People with a brain know your heart...fight the good fight.


Anonymous said...

Bet this one really lifted his spirits. Such talented educated writers standing up to fight the good fight for Dr. Huff. These are his people ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow. At least he knows and understands that he's a Troll. Unfortunately that seems to be ALL he knows.

Tards make The Turner Report Roar!!! said...

I just love it when both Hufftards and Turner-Tards make The Turner Report roar.

The Turner Report is a tard-friendly free-fire zone . . . for tards. Whereass Randy lets them run free. Free-Range Tards, in fact.

this is why the Glob isn't nearly as informative or interesting. They spay or neuter theys' tards. If any tards do get loose, like Antsson, they are served with a double-load of sanctimonious servile tard special [edjewmacation] sauce and nearly unpalatable.

Tards. . . they's what we'se having for breakfast, lunch and dinner here on The Turner Report.

Anonymous said...

Okay Mike Landis ... Stop clowning around here

Anonymous said...

Teachers spent their own money to buy books for the classroom and materials to be better teachers and we make less than a quarter of what he makes and that's not counting his speaking fees. I think he can afford a $25 book. We don't get to turn in our book purchases to the board, why should he? Pay for your own books CJ, put taxpayer money to better use.

Anonymous said...

Your mother and father weren't by chance brother and sister, were they?

Anonymous said...

I didn't think Huff felt that way. Well, at least he can spell.

Anonymous said...

The commenter states that Huff belongs to a "learning organization that REQUIRES he keep on learning." I find that quite curious. Does the commenter know what organization that is, or does the commenter mean that Dr. Huff is in a profession that requires continuous professional development? I really cannot infer what is meant by that statement, as is the case with so many others in that nearly unintelligible string of drivel. And I'm the hick? It is to laugh.

Anonymous said...

I wish the commenter who wrote this post would have included a picture of himself or herself. I could have taken it to a tattoo artist and would then truly have had a tattoo of "something ignorant" on my body. I've never gotten a tattoo before, but maybe if I got one of a troll it would be about the same thing. Fool.

Anonymous said...

i think the reason commenters are "hating on" Huff, to borrow our commenter's sophisticated phraseology, is because Huff is using our tax dollars for his book. The book, in case the commenter didn't take the time to read the description, isn't necessarily about education. It's a self-help book about leadership, primarily for business leaders. I don't doubt for a minute that our Dear Leader needs to spend some time developing these skills, but at this point in time it does seem a little late for his current job position. His legacy in R8 is already in place; perhaps it will help him in the world of fast food.

For your sake, Dear Reader, stop insulting the voters and patrons. I have an education, which seems to be superior to your own, or possibly to Huff's, considering his rate of failure and his inept use of the English language. I have no tattoos, and I invest much of my own money on educational materials as my employer provides me with none. He needs the money for perpetual trips to attempt to learn that which seems to perpetually elude him, the education of children.

Your comment appears to be a result of the latest ploy of Huff and his ventriloquist dummies, Landis and Burlingame. The idea is to paint the commenters and followers of this blog as uneducated, virulent hicks who have been led astray by the Pied Piper, Turner. Unfortunately, the public, as demonstrated in the last two elections, is smarter than you give them credit for being, and they will not take this bait anymore than they accepted a 6 1/2 mile ribbon as something grand and glorious. The best situation here would be for Huff to quietly resign and become a "consultant" for a time. Perhaps one of the firms we taxpayers have provided with hundreds of thousands of dollars would be interested in Dear Leader. His time here is finished, and his desperate moves serve only to underscore that fact.

8:28 AM

Anonymous said...

What are you saying about people with tattoos, Commenter? I take offense. I have none, myself, but I wouldn't denigrate all people with tattoos as being one "type" of person anymore than I would denigrate all people who love Dr. Huff as being all of one type. Some people just have to believe in fairy tales, some need to hang on to his tails for their jobs, some are related to him and have no choice. There is no one "type" of Huff-lovers any more than there is any one type of "tattoo" people. Ignorance reigns supreme in the Huff court, though. I'll let you have that claim with no argument.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the teachers are reimbursed $25 by the district each year. Maybe he found a book that fit that amount because you get no more and it can't include tax because the district doesn't pay tax.
Part of the irritation with him asking for $25 for a book is the fact that teachers pay for the majority of things in their classrooms themselves. Ask any elementary teacher how much they spend on books, supplies, bulletin boards and various other items that are actually for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Okay internet bloggy people, marvel at my genius and irrefutable argumentation.

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Sir Tardington Tarden Tard III

Anonymous said...

You can't blame the commenter for thinking this is appropriate criticism of Huff's detractors. After all, in Huff's bio on the Washington Speakers Bureau he makes a big deal out of the ignorant, poor, third world trash he was brought to Joplin to save. That things have only gotten worse since he arrived in the poor ghetto of R8 is beside the point. It stil makes a very pretty story, surely worthy of the $8,000 he gets for telling it, complete with tears and quivering lip. I wonder what we could get paid to go around the country, leaving our day jobs to others, to tell the REAL story of what destroyed our district?

Anonymous said...

I say tard and people pay attention to me.
They all love me....don't they mom?

Of course dear.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Doug Hunt you are as no good as Huff and Landis, but you do make us laugh

Anonymous said...

I see a mixture of comments on this blog that appear to reflect a broad swath of backgrounds, and while I enjoy that mixture I would also say that much of the readership here appears particularly erudite, moreso than the leadership of Joplin Schools (née R-VIII) as a matter of fact.

One thing that has been consistent in the past decade or so of my paying attention to local politics is the attitude of the nouveau-riche mediocrity in positions of self-perceived authority, who regularly cast those who disagree with their decisions as somehow being "hicks" or unwashed masses who are clearly uninformed and thus undeserving of the "greatness" that has been thrust upon them from on high. Huff, Rohr, and various members of the Joplin Elite would cast themselves as Promethean figures stealing fire from the gods for the benefit of the people, if they were actually educated enough to make such a reference.

To be sure, such references are not the makings of leadership, the point is that there are many who assume that their positions are somehow a reflection of their greatness and are not smart enough to perceive or acknowledge their own shortcomings - otherwise they would learn, or make the occasional display of sincere humility. Humility! To me, this is far more an indication of greatness in leadership. To not attack your critics, but to bring them to the table, find where we can compromise. To not be so short-sighted as to lie about and smear your opponents that you may soon have to work with, but to build the bridges necessary to find the common ground that we all share as human beings who care about our children and their education. If, as a public figure, as someone who is presenting himself as a leader, you choose to cling to personal grievances rather than have the humility to let that go and work with the people who you think have wronged you, then you have chosen ego over public good, and you have therefore sacrificed your right to call yourself a "leader". This is the behavior that causes me to question Huff's intelligence and strength-of-character. For one who so proudly wears the label of Christian, he has learned little from He who forgave. He has learned so little from his errors, because he chooses to cling to bitterness, to feelings of "us and them" that continue to dig those trenches deeper. Those who follow his lead are doomed to the same fate, as demonstrated by our friend who so wittily characterizes us as hicks.

Build, or go home. Stop pretending to be leaders, when you are clearly children among men, projecting your own faults onto those who seek betterment via election to the board.

Anonymous said...

Uh, you forgot to say tard.

In order to lend credence to your otherwise well reasoned, carefully thought out, and eloquently stated view, you really need to pepper the vernacular with an abundance of "tard" references. Omission of this essential qualifier renders your argument unintelligible by the regular blog participant who wrote the above piece. This is suggestion, not criticism. (-:

Anonymous said...

Wrong. Teachers have to spend far more weekly. You obviously don't know! Where could you get a book for $25 a rummage sale.

Anonymous said...

Although your statement is in fact rather sensible, in some ways, please stop making paragraphs out of a single sentence. That is called a "run-on" sentence in com arts class. You would have received an insufficient score on this paper for poor sentence structure and punctuation.