Saturday, April 25, 2015

Report: Missouri Southern pulls legislative interns, internal squabbling cited

Missouri Southern State University has pulled its four legislative interns out of Jefferson City because they didn't get along with each other, according to a column by veteran St. Louis Post-Dispatch political reporter Virginia Young:

Ron Richard, the Senate leader, said Friday that he got a call from Missouri Southern President Alan Marble a few weeks ago, telling Richard that his intern, senior Keegan Tinney, and the others would be leaving. It was Tinney’s second session working for Richard.

“The president called me and told me they weren’t getting along,” Richard said. Asked if he meant they weren’t getting along with legislators, Richard said: “Among themselves.”

Richard said he had no problems with Tinney.

“The only one I care about is the one who works for me, and Keegan’s a good kid.”

Asked whether he had heard of problems on the House side, Richard said: “You can hear all kinds of stuff. I just never pay attention. I try to think the best of people. I don’t read blogs. I just figure half of it is BS.”

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