Friday, April 17, 2015

Job ad: JHS assistant football coach will have to work in "noisy" atmosphere

An advertisement for an assistant Joplin High School football coach position was posted on the district website Thursday.

Those who apply are warned that they will be working in an environment that is "noisy and active." That's obviously to discourage anyone applying for the job who is looking for a sedate, silent gridiron atmosphere.

The coach also needs to know how to make football fun.

The advertisement is printed below:

JHS Assistant Football Coach
Job Description
Salary RangePer Year
Shift TypeSUPP


Joe Montana said...

Vince Lombardi could not win in Joplin. Not today.

Anonymous said...

Can we get rid of Starkweather, too, while cleaning house?

Anonymous said...


Do you enjoy hurting and humiliating children often? Shame on you. What an ass.

Anonymous said...

The thought of the huffer and all his puffers trying to intimidate and bullsh*t Vince Lombardi made me lol.

Anonymous said...

During his long tenure as Joplin A.D., Jeff Starkweather has sure turned out some mediocre and far-below mediocre sports teams. I still can't get over the boys basketball team going 3-23 this season.