Monday, April 06, 2015

Jennifer Martucci: The choice is clear- change or C. J. Huff

C. J. Huff's unprecedented public Facebook attacks on board candidate Jennifer Martucci changed the complexion of the Joplin R-8 Board of Education during its final days as the superintendent, clearly shoved candidates Nancy Good and Melinda Campbell into the background and made the entire race about him and Martucci.

Martucci's ads and her public statements had all been centered on improving education and improving the district's financial situation until Huff went public with his attacks Saturday and Sunday.

During an interview a short while ago on Fox 14, Martucci acknowledged the change in the campaign. 

"I really tried to keep the election about the issues at hand, the change that is badly needed in the district and over the Easter holiday Dr. Huff made it about him.

"What I would like for the people to think about is that tomorrow when they go to the polls that they have a clear choice- that they can vote for me, an agent of change, or they can vote for the status quo, which is Dr. Huff."


Anonymous said...

Oh, please, vote for CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE!! No more delusional bullies and spendthrifts! Please put some people in there with common sense. Enough of this clown of a super. He's an embarrassment to us all.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer looked calm and professional in this news story. CJ looked scared and dishonest. Who would believe his ridiculous story? He has very shifty eyes when he speaks.

Anonymous said...

Huff to Martucci:

'I am not a smart man Jen-nay.'