Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Joplin R-8 Board deadlocked- 3-3 tie for president

After a brief period Monday when it appeared that former Joplin Police Chief Lane Roberts was going to join the board after all, then backed out, the battle that has been going on ever since Jeff Koch, Jennifer Martucci, and Roberts were elected continued at the beginning of today's Joplin R-8 Board of Education meeting.

In a surprise move, it was not Randy Steele's name that was put up for board president by what could reasonably called the C. J. Huff contingent, but that of Lynda Banwart, who was thought to be the only possible swing vote.

The name of former Irving Elementary Principal Dr. Debbie Fort was also submitted.

Both Banwart and Fort said they could bring factions together and create a working board. Fort noted that the public "has spoken very clearly" during the last two elections. "They want some change."

"I am really good at bringing a team of people together. I'm ready for us to move forward and not look back."

Banwart said, "I have had a lot of experience bringing groups together.

The vote was 3-3 with Steele, Banwart and Mike Landis voting for Banwart and Fort, Jeff Koch, and Jennifer Martucci voting for Fort.

A vote for temporary president has been delayed until later in the meeting, which is continuing at this point and can be seen on an earlier Turner Report post.

Banwart's name had been placed in nomination before it was decided to delay a vote.

Koch asked Board Attorney Norman Rouse what would happen if no president was elected at this meeting.

"You have to have a president or we don't do business." If a president is not elected, Rouse indicated that as the sitting vice president from last year's board, Mike Landis would serve as acting president.

Landis (pictured) is conducting the meeting as this is being written.

The board voted to move public comment to earlier in the meeting. Some spoke about the need to move the safe room, which has not been built yet, at Columbia Elementary from the east side of the building to the west due to evidence of former mining activity on the east side. A few moments ago, the board voted unanimously to make that move.

Others spoke in favor of Debbie Fort as board president.

(More to come)


Anonymous said...

So far Koch and Fort and Martucci are acting like they really are concerned. Has Steele said a word and Banwart is just not convincing.

Anonymous said...

PLease not Landis

Anonymous said...

Debbie Fort. Nice lady. Excellent counselor. Average at best administrator. Still the best choice for board president.

Anonymous said...

Debbie Fort....disaster as President.

Anonymous said...

After watching CJ's latest disrespectful rant at Dr. Fort, he should be FIRED.

Anonymous said...

After watching Mike Landis, please voters remember we have to kick him off the BOE next year. What a jerk!

Anonymous said...

Koch should be Prez. Fort doesn't appear to be well suited for that position.

Anonymous said...

Landis won't run next year. CJ and Fort both need to go; they are horrible representatives of Joplin.

I'm glad to see the Prez and VP positions settled in that manner.

No board member should be reading texts during meetings. That is disgraceful. Is the meeting not important enough to require their full attention or are they not smart enough to generate their own questions/thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Fort said the texts were from her kids wondering what was for dinner. Fair point, considering the length of the meeting, don't you think?