Sunday, April 26, 2015

Killer of MSSU coach wants new trial

With sentencing scheduled for June 15, Charles Rhoades, the attorney for Jeffrey Bruner, 40, who was found guilty of first degree murder and armed criminal action following a four-day trial, has filed a motion seeking a new trial.

Bruner shot former Missouri Southern State University offensive line coach Derek Moore to death November 1, 2013, in front of the  Northstar 14 Theatres.

From an earlier KOAM report:

Witnesses who were at the theater that night testified that Bruner shot Derek Moore several times. Prosecutors say Moore's lung was bruised by the bullets, his diaphragm was torn, a major artery was broken, and his spinal cord was damaged, leaving him paralyzed while dying. Witnesses say while Moore was not able to move, Bruner kicked him several times.

But Bruner's defense says Bruner felt Moore was reaching for a weapon, and that Bruner shot in self defense. Bruner's defense claims Bruner had no intention of harming anyone. The defense also says Bruner suffered a mental defect, acute stress disorder, from all of his wife's affairs.

Witnesses testified that after Bruner shot Moore, Bruner said, "They posted it all over Facebook. What's a guy supposed to do?"


Anonymous said...

>>>What's a guy supposed to do?"<<<

Act like a real man instead of shooting people with your Second Amendment p@ni$ extension?

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