Monday, April 06, 2015

City of Joplin breaks ground for skate park

(From the City of Joplin)

Today, city officials and skaters joined together with the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors and community members for the groundbreaking ceremony to start construction of Joplin’s first skatepark. Located at Ewert Park, 5th Street and School Avenue, the new skatepark facility will incorporate elements designed for everyone, including not just skateboarders, but BMX riders, rollerbladers, etc.

Earlier this year, citizens were encouraged to attend three different design meetings with the Park’s contractor, American Ramp Company (ARC), and City leaders to participate in the design process of the new community skatepark. Parents, skaters, BMX riders, and interested citizens attended the meetings to provide their input on what they’d like to have in a skatepark. The skatepark is designed with four zones allowing multiple users to use the park at the same time.

There will be elements for all ages and skill levels. The elements include a large bowl, quaterpipes, hubba ledges, curved taco, street style course, jumps, stairs, flat ground obstacles, grind rails and boxes. Placement of these features on the site was based on the drainage of the bowl and all other elements were placed based on the flow from the bowl. The park design was based on comments received during the public meetings.

Funding for the Joplin Skatepark is provided through the Parks and Stormwater Sales Tax, which voters renewed in the August 2011 election. Cost of the construction is $303,500. The Park is expected to open in early summer. Park hours will be 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.

For more information about the new skatepark, contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 417-624-6937. To view various elements to be included in the Skatepark go to American Ramp Company’s website at


Anonymous said...

Well THANK G O D we dont have those idiots in charge anymore. WollyBojolly! BTW, The two clowns keep filing bankruptcies on the partnerships they are no longer associated with. I hope they get in trouble in federal court. They removed themselves and resigned, yet they seem to have authority to file bankruptcy. So far I've counted 8. I feel sorry for all those who were robbed and cheated.

Anonymous said...

atleast they broke something besides the resident's why does a single person have to pay the same as a family of 6 makes no sense for sewer and trash