Thursday, September 03, 2015

Carthage's liquor store killer denied parole

The family of murder victim James Stemmons announced earlier this week that his killer, John Steven Martin, has been denied parole and will not be eligible for consideration again for five years.

The following item was posted on the "Deny Parole to John S. Martin" Facebook page:

The results are in... The quickest response in history we have received from the parole board. I am elated to announce this animal will be behind bars for an additional five years! That is the max time the parole board can give him. Considering his internal probation officer recommended parole, his good behavior, etc. this is definitely a victory for us. We don't have to see this animal's face until 2020!

Martin killed Stemmons, the owner of the Carthage Airport Liquor Store in 1974 and also killed another man.

When Martin was up for parole six years ago, the following statement was left on the online petition asking that he remain behind bars:

When he was last up for parole in 2009, the following statement was left on the online petition:

Regina G
My father was one of the arresting officers on this case, we had just moved here in 1974 and he worked for the sheriff's department. We came from California so you can imagine the horrific things he had already witnessed. But this case haunted my father until his death. When he looked at Mr. Martin and asked why he shot him (Mr Stemmons) Mr. Martin's response was "I just wanted to see someone die" the statement was horrific but it was the non-chalant way he said it that burdened my father's memories. There is always something that happens in our lifetime that stays with us and we just cannot forget. This was one of the few incidents that my father carried throughout his lifetime. Please do not let this man out on parole, unless you wish to put your family members in harm's way.

More background on the case can be found at this link.

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