Thursday, April 02, 2015

John Brunner considering run for governor

(From John Brunner)

John Brunner released the following statement today announcing the formation of an exploratory committee for Missouri Governor in 2016:  

Missourians have always been and always will be pioneers and innovators.  Missourians were once the leaders in the design and production of the Mercury, Gemini, and Saturn space programs. Missouri was once one of the largest automobile-manufacturing powerhouses in the world. Missouri agriculture is being plowed under by federal bureaucrats at the EPA.

So where are we today? Missouri ranks near the bottom of the economic ladder. Our high school and college graduates are leaving Missouri to find their future. Lack of leadership equates to lack of opportunity. Continuing to do more of the same and expecting different results is the hallmark of Democrat politicians. I believe Missourians deserve better. With tested and proven leadership, Missouri again can show the nation how to grow its economy, create new jobs, and provide world-class education for its children. We need new leadership in the Governor’s office.

Missourians are fed up with campaigns that have little to offer other than the politics of personal destruction. It is time to change the caustic culture of campaigning. As a candidate, I make the following pledge: I will not personally participate, nor will I condone any person employed by my campaign to engage in a campaign of personal destruction.  I challenge all candidates for Governor to join with me and take the high road.

I’m not a career politician.  I’m a manufacturer and a job creator. I’m a problem solver who will roll up my sleeves to get the job done.  The citizens of Missouri are seeking common sense, conservative leaders who will defend the U. S. Constitution and the Missouri Constitution, charging forward with a vision for a stronger and economically prosperous Missouri.

About John Brunner
John Brunner is a successful businessperson and job creator who years ago purchased the family manufacturing company. With teamwork and effective leadership at all levels, his company grew to become the largest private-label personal care manufacturer in America.

Brunner served as a Captain and as an infantry officer in the United States Marine Corps. In addition to his leadership in the military and business, John has served extensively in charitable, community, church and worldwide Christian missions and relief organizations. His focus has been on helping and mentoring young adults with disabilities, with a special emphasis on leadership development.

John graduated with a BS in Management from Harding University, and completed his MBA at Washington University in St. Louis. He also studied economics at the Foundation of Economic Education, and marketing and entrepreneurship at the Harvard Business School.

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