Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hearing set in case against Joplin man charged with kidnapping, assaulting man because he had been in National Guard

The next court hearing for a Joplin man charged with kidnapping, robbery, assault and armed criminal action is scheduled for 9 a.m. today in Jasper County Circuit Court.
Moses Ramsey, 27, allegedly teamed with Sergio Zuniga, 24, Webb City, June 27 to commit a series of crimes against a man referred to as "A. W." in the probable cause statement.

On June 27, 2018, between the hours of 0000 and 1400, Sergio Zuniga and Moses Ramsey did assault the victim A. W. Zuniga and Ramsey confronted the victim A. W. and demanded money from his paycheck.

Whne A. W. refused to give them money, Zuniga and Ramsey beat A. W. by hitting him and kicking him until he became unconscious. They then tied his hands and feet and gagged him.

Once A. W. was tied up, Zuniga and Ramsey continued to punch and kick A. W. They then dragged A. W. into the bathroom where they threw him into the bathtub, wrapped the shower certain around his neck cutting off his airflow and threatened to kill him. 

Zuniga and Ramsey also threatened to kill him. Zuniga and Ramsey also threatened A. W. with a with a large fixed blade knife with a blade in excess of six inches.

During this ongoing assault, Zuniga and Ramsey robbed A. W. of his wallet, pants and cell phone.

As the assault occurred over multiple hours, Zuniga and Ramsey kept A. W. at the residence against his will. A. W. was transported to the hospital for injuries from the assault where it was confirmed A. W. suffered from a concussion and a fractured left cheekbone.

A. W. stated that he was in fear Zuniga and Ramsey were going to kill him and assaulted him because he had been in the National Guard, which Zuniga and Ramsey told A. W. was the same as being a police officer.

The next hearing for Zuniga is set for September 8, according to Jasper County Circuit Court records.

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Unknown said...

Isnt that the guy that was in on sean harris's murder?,why was he already out?, maybe im mistaken though.