Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Southwest Missouri Democrats: Call McCaskill and tell her to vote against Trump Supreme Court nominee

Southwest Missouri Democrats issued a call to action today, asking members to let Claire McCaskill know they want her to vote against President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

McCaskill is scheduled to meet with Kavanaugh today.

The organization sent the following message:

Senator McCaskill is meeting with Kavanaugh today. Please call her offices and make sure she knows her constituents want her to vote NO on Kavanaugh. It is urgent that we block his nomination to the Supreme Court and will affect generations to come. If you have already called both Senator McCaskill and Senator Blunt following our previous Speak Out emails we thank you and ask you to take the time to call again today. When you have completed your call to Claire's offices please call Senator Blunt and ask him to also vote NO on the confirmation of Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court Justice.

Senator Claire McCaskill
Phone: (417) 868-8745

(314) 582-3810

Senator Roy Blunt

Phone: (417) 877-7814

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Harvey Hutchinson said...

Keep it up, and it’ll be easier to fire McCaskill in November

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