Wednesday, August 22, 2018

McCaskill criticizes Senate's lack of urgency on doing something to protect those with pre-existing conditions

During a meeting of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Tuesday, Sen. Claire McCaskill criticized leadership for its lack or urgency in protecting those who may not be able to afford or to even get health insurance because they have pre-existing conditions.

At issue is a lawsuit filed by Republican attorneys general that would remove the requirement under the Affordable Care Act for health insurance policies to cover pre-existing conditions.

"In this latest attempt to strip millions of their health insurance, the Republican attorneys general, including the attorney general from my state have gone to court to take away every single consumer protection in the law.'

In addition to pre-existing conditions, McCaskil noted that if the lawsuit is successful it would also remove the payments for prescription drugs to help fill the so-called "doughnut hole."

"This is decidedly not what the American people want."

Fifty-two million people have pre-existing conditions "that make it difficult, if not impossible to get affordable health care coverage if they did not get health insurance at work."


Concerned citizen said...

She had a chance to get it right in 2009-10....instead she helped create a bad mess.Wish Claire had just focused on this matter at that time but no she and her giddy friends created Obamacare....her real concerns are reelection...retire her she has had her chance

Unknown said...

Concerned citizen,
You’re spot on. We’ll send on a permanent vacation in November, she can fin someone else to steal from, She’s eaten the taxpayers alive

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how she gets really vocal around election time. Where was she when Obama was forcing all his regulations down our throats, honoring the Muslim Brotherhood, negotiating with terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Many of us think she got it as right as was possible in 2009-10 and thanks to her and other Democratic legislators' efforts, I have insurance for a chronic disease - insurance that I could lose if "constitutional" lawyer Hawley has his way and the lawsuit in which he is participating is successful.

Could the ACA be better? You bet. But first we have to get rid of obstructive Republicans in Congress who are emotionally and ideologically opposed to guaranteeing that their constituents have viable access to healthcare - preferring instead to bloviate about private insurance although it is our reliance on the private market that has broken our healthcare system.

Anonymous said...

1257...glad you got yours but very sad a lot of folks got zip...again wish they did a better selfish and enjoy yours...Claire wants a gov't system period..another area that her ilk have spewed on hard working folks

Anonymous said...

12:57: I'm not alone (or selfish) since everybody else with pre-existing conditions is enjoying the same benefit - at least until Republicans manage to deep-six the protections guaranteed by the ACA. My neighbors carried their kids on their insurance through college. A nephew and niece enjoy subsidized insurance while they have returned to college. Expensive for those who don't qualify for subsidies - you-re right, but look no further than GOP efforts to sabotage the system by refusing to fix small problems for the reason.

And as for a government system - Medicare worked beautifully for my parents and my -in-laws - and it is more cost-efficient than our wasteful, profit-motivated private system, costs that affect the whole economy. As far as I'm concerned, the "medicare for all" mantra sounds pretty good. Maybe we could finally have the high-level of healthcare access enjoyed by most developed countries.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone argue against requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing disease?

I can only guess it’s someone that’s not affected by it and unable to have compassion for those that are.