Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Moran questions Homeland Security officials on dealing with election threats

(From Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kansas)

The Senate Banking Committee I serve on has jurisdiction over foreign sanctions, and on last Tuesday our committee held a hearing examining the effectiveness of current Russian sanctions and the path forward.

I had expected the witnesses representing the administration to provide recommendations for Congress to consider as new measures are debated, and I was disappointed when none of the panelists were forthcoming, despite my questioning.

I also asked the Department of Homeland Security to detail how it shares election threats with our state and local officials. 

There is no sign that Russia has changed its behavior since President Trump met with Vladimir Putin last month, and I was pleased by the bipartisan commitment of the committee to maintain pressure on Russia and protect the integrity of our elections.


Anonymous said...

Your ability to cut and paste press releases is remarkable.

Randy said...

That is only one of my abilities. Far more remarkable is how I can hit the word "publish" and the comment of a jackass appears out of nowhere.

The last one I did that on wrote, "Your ability to cut and paste press releases is remarkable."

Harvey Hutchinson said...

When you pass two idiots arguing with each other( and one of them is too chicken shit to even identify himself) it’s difficult to distinguish the bigger idiot.

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