Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Josh Hawley on Fox and Friends: We've got to build the wall

During an appearance this morning on Fox and Friends, Attorney General Josh Hawley praised President Donald Trump and backed his call for stronger border security.

"We've got to build the wall," Hawley told host Brian Kilmeade. He added that his opponent in the U. S. Senate race, incumbent Claire McCaskill, does not support the border wall.

"That's another reason she has to go."

Much of the interview was about McCaskill's meeting with Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Tuesday. Hawley expressed his full support for Kavanaugh. "This is not a hard decision. Claire McCaskill ought to quit hiding and say she will support him and stand up to her party and challenge them to support him, also."

Hawley accused of McCaskill of being a puppet for the Senate minority leader.

""Claire McCaskill does what Chuck Schumer gives her permission to do," Hawley said adding, "She had to get permission to even sit down with Kavanaugh."


Anonymous said...

Who is going to pay for the wall? How are you going to get the money for the wall and your moron's Space Force? Cut the taxes for the rich some more? Increase tariffs? Kill the ACA? That will wipe out atleast half of your redneck base.

"Hawley accused of McCaskill of being a puppet for the Senate minority leader."
Liddle Hawley is owned by the Koch brothers and is no more than their stooge that will do what they tell him to do. He is all for cutting taxes on the rich and corporations while gutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. This is the type of slime we don't need.

Anonymous said...

Praised Trump. I cannot believe he has not seen the news that the man is a crook and liar on a scale unheard of in politics. I guess dogs lie with one another of the same species, mongrels. This guy is the one who wants to end coverage of pre-existing conditions, claims to have found rape kits, hell, everyone knew they were there it is that the republican legislature did not want to fund the machinery or manpower to process them in a timely manner. How ignorant are people, where are our news people to ferret out these lies. Vote in November for semi honest politicians that will try and help our citizens. All politicians are less than stellar, but some are better and at this point we will need bigger prisons to hold the republicans being caught up in campaign finance violations.

Anonymous said...

Crooks,liars....most politicians in DC fit that description...Democrats or Republic ..Trump is a nouveau riche New Yorker who has delivered on many of his promises but unfortunately lacks a personality which can stand the heat...its like he never matured when faced with opposition...Yes,I voted for him and still consider him better than the blatantly criminal Clintons. The media smells blood...seatbelts on...

Unknown said...

To the two anonymous cowards;
Get ready for your girlfriend McCaskill to hit the bricks in November; she can find someone else to steal from
Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text ( I sign my notes; why don’t you two Claire flunkies have the guts to)

Anonymous said...

Oh Harvey, get ready for your boyfriend to be looking for employment in November. Maybe he can move in with you and the two of you can honeymoon in Mexico and build the wall from that side. Make sure there are no doors in it.