Monday, August 27, 2018

McCaskill: I'm holding town hall meetings, doing my job; Hawley is working out, meeting with dark money backers

(From the Claire McCaskill campaign)

My opponent, Josh Hawley, keeps asking where I am. I guess I see why he's confused: I'm busy doing my job while he’s at the gym in the middle of the work day.

And when I'm not busy in the Senate, I'm crisscrossing Missouri. I've held more than 50 town halls in just over a year – and I go out of my way to visit places where I'm not that popular, so I can hear from people who disagree with me.

So far, Hawley has stuck to ginning up his base and and meeting behind closed doors with his dark money backers. It sure looks like he's scared to talk to Missourians who may not agree with him.

I want to know what you'd ask Hawley if he ever comes out of his bubble. You can use this link to submit your questions:

Thanks – unlike someone I could mention, I'm always glad to hear what's on your mind!


Anonymous said...

Where has she been that all of this needs to be hyped....mud sure seems to be her cry but if she can't stand the heat.....

Harvey Hutchinson said...

In the last couple of months I know of3 appearances in SWMO + many, many I Springfield

And lots more though out the State.
He’s much more sincere, less showboating,and speaks directly to the citizens. McCaskillnis all about the big splash at election time every 6 years

Million dollar rock star busses and multi-million dollar jet chase planes—
You want a hard working , get the job done with little or no fanfare? Or a Lying Crooked big shot whose only claim to fame is Barrack Huesein Obama, and soul sisters Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Nancy Pelosi; what a quartet!!
They just need to bring in the young Communist girl from the Queens in to sing back-up

Harvey HUTCHINSON 303-522-6622 voice&text

Anonymous said...

Trump supporters are easy to spot. They feel most insecure when decisions must be made about how to elect someone with ethics and morals. That flies in the face of their republican "party before country" Putin loving hypocrites. Your boy Hawley rides on the coattails of work done by others. Now he wants to cut pre-existing conditions from insurance to make sure he helps big insurance companies make more money for his owners. Go with the lying crooked Trump with his swamp that is being indicted in record numbers. Kinda like your boy Greitens there Harvey. Don't hear much from you about him anymore. But I guess he is a good guy too, just like Manafort. But since Manafort is angling for a plea deal he won't be a good guy anymore. That will have the orange moron's head spinning. You don't have any room talking about anyone being a communist with your orange fool in the white house being Putin's sock puppet.

Concerned citizen said...

1035...pox on both must have tunnel vision...

Anonymous said...

731.....your tunnel vision must be blinding you. Where do you see a 1035?