Tuesday, August 14, 2018

McCaskill: I won't stand for cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid

(From Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-MO)

I've been committed to fighting for Missouri seniors since day one, fighting efforts to privatize Social Security and working to ensure scam artists are held accountable for trying to defraud seniors.

But there's more work to do -- because it seems like every time we turn our heads folks are looking for any way possible to cut, undermine, or weaken the benefits Missouri seniors have earned.

So I'm pushing for new rules to prohibit cuts to Medicare and Medicaid: this legislation wouldprevent Congress from using partisan tricks to increase the Medicare eligibility age, turn Medicaid into a voucher system, or institute caps limiting benefits.

Millions of Missourians rely on these critical benefits to get basic healthcare -- and cuts to Medicare or Medicaid would leave Missouri's most vulnerable out in the cold. I won't stand for it.

I also introduced new legislation to fix a glaring problem that's only getting worse: seniors being pushed into poverty due to their Social Security benefits being garnished to pay back old student loan debts. This practice undermines the entire promise of Social Security -- and it's not right. My new bill would ensure that when the federal government recoups defaulted student loan debts, it does not send seniors below the federal poverty line.

I know just how many seniors, mothers, children, and disabled Missourians rely on these critical benefits to survive -- and I know we should be focused on strengthening these programs instead of looking for any opportunity to cut, undermine, or destroy them.

I know I'm not alone in wanting the best for Missouri's seniors, present and future. I won't stand for cuts to critical benefits that support them -- and I won't stop fighting for our seniors.


Unknown said...

A little late for the grandstanding Senator; get resume over to goofy Joe Scarborough. You should do well at a Fake News place!

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text

Concerned citizen said...

SOS,The scare the seniors card..her votes to spend us into deep debt will cause implosion the value of the programs she professes to protect. Retire now.

Unknown said...

Very very correct Concerned Citizen 4:24AM

Get all your friends and neighbors out on November 3; so we send her on a permanent vacation

Harvey Hutchinson 303-522-6622 voice&text

Anonymous said...

Um, uh, duh....yeah, what they said. I'm backin' my Russian president and all them other "R" people.





Hedley Lamarr said...

Well Concerned citizen, glad to know your orange moron president's tax cuts for the wealthy and increasing the deficit won't impact these programs. Or paying for the idiot's wall and creating SPACE FARCE won't hurt these programs. If you truly believe that, then you just keep voting with ol' Harvey there and make sure you only vote for 'em if'n they gots a "R" by their name! That'll learn 'em!