Friday, August 03, 2018

Senate Conservatives PAC pays for $105,700 worth of attack ads against Bill White

Missouri Ethics Commission records indicate the Missouri Senate Conservatives PAC paid for $105,700 worth of attack ads against Rep. Bill White, R-Joplin, who is facing former Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce President Rob O'Brian in the primary for 32nd District State Senate.

The campaign finance documents filed by the PAC show $84,000 was spent for a media buy opposing White on July 26, with another $21,700 spent July 31.

Both buys came after the PAC received sizable contributions from Joplin businessman David Humphreys, $50,000 on July 23 and $25,000 on July 30.

While contributions to State Senate candidates are limited to $2,600, PACs can contribute an unlimited amount of money to support or oppose a candidate or issue.

State law prohibits the PACS from coordinating their efforts with candidates.

Ethics Commission documents show only one PAC paying for advertising or materials supporting O'Brian, with Missouri Right to Life contributing $14.08.

White also received $14.08 from Missouri Right to Life.

Other PACS supporting White are Health PAC with $10,000, CL PAC (formed by former Sen Jim Lembke to support people deemed as being constitutional conservatives) with $4,200 and $1,616.03 and Western Missouri Leadership Fund with $7,200.

O'Brian and White have filed 24-hour reports with the Ethics Commission, which are required for all contributions received after the eight-days-before-election report is filed.

O'Brian received a $500 contribution from Michael Johnson, Joplin, and $1,000 from Brian Lewis, Adel, Iowa.

White recorded $9,100 in contributions Wednesday and Thursday:

Reed Hastings, Santa Cruz, California, $2,600
Physician Led Anesthesia Care PAC $500
Alliance for Higher Education $2,500
Thomas Cobb, St. Joseph $1,000
Thomas Newman, Poplar Bluff $1,000
James Turntine, Sullivan, $1,000
William Richards, Quapaw, Oklahoma $500


Concerned citizen said...

Do not let Rob rob us again

Unknown said...

The “Boys of Joplin” seem to sure want O’Brian to do their work for them in Jeff City. O’Brian apparently has no other skills to make a living so his “friends” are helping him to find a job. O’Brian, IF you win,,,,, they will OWN YOU.

Anonymous said...

Reed Hastings is CEO of Netflix...

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Bill White. OBrien got Wallace Bajalli for Joplin and we lost alot of $$ on that deal. I don't trust him at all.

Anonymous said...

Anyone or anything that Humphreys supports cannot be good for you.

Anonymous said...

O’Brian is a lackey for Joplin’s elite. He screwed us for years. No more!

Anonymous said...

O'Brian is a liar. While that would make him fit in with the other politicians, it sure won't help us.

Anonymous said...

What still disturbs me about White was his dogged support of Eric Greitens, right up until Greitens resigned. To me, that showed poor judgment. White refused to acknowledge that there were serious concerns about Greitens' ability to continue to lead the state. It was like he just turned a blind eye to all of the mounting evidence.

Anonymous said...

There are serious concerns about Trump's ability to lead this country. Similar thought about republicans turning a blind eye to all of the evidence mounting against Trump.