Saturday, August 17, 2019

Kim Frencken: Do students really need to have phones in the classroom?

Schools continue to grapple with a policy concerning phone use at school. Parents argue that they want to be able to contact their child should the need arise. They want their child to feel safe. To know they are just a call away.

 Schools prefer that parents use the office for communication. Teachers are tired of interruptions to the lesson by the ringing of a phone. Where does it end?

For the argument that kids should be allowed to keep their phones on and with them during the school day, I say... No. 

 Before parents get too ruffled over this, consider a teacher that has her phone with her at all times during the school day. Every ring and ping gets her attention. She is clearly distracted by her calls and notifications. 

Is your child receiving a quality education? No. And this is why schools have policies regarding phone usage by a teacher.

So... if I'm a responsible adult (let's assume for the sake of argument that I am) and I am not allowed to have my phone with me, why should a child (who is still developing) be allowed to have their phone? 

 Don't tell me that they need to have the ability to contact you in case of emergency or vice versa. I have family members with serious medical needs that have to call the school office, talk to the secretary, and wait for me to get the message and call them on my first break (or in the event of emergency, call them as soon as someone can watch my class). 

 Don't talk to me about emergencies. At times, my life is one big emergency. But I still enter the classroom and teach without the "assistance" of my phone.

I'm sure the controversy will continue. And I'm sure I'll write about it again. 

 In the meantime, we all need to rethink why we need or use our phones and why we send our kids to school. What is the purpose of instructional time? Do students really need to have a phone with them in the classroom?

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Anonymous said...

AGREE...100%. I am associated with education in Missouri, and I believe we have allowed the parents and students too much leeway when it comes to cell phones in the classroom.

Remember when we as parents had to call the office to contact our child? Remember when our child forgot their homework, and had to go to the office to call us?

The problem goes further than just this. If you check your local school district policies, you will find that most, if not all, have specific policies about cell phone usage. It has gotten to the point that most teachers won't intercede because they get no support from their administration!!

Anonymous said...

In a general sense, it seems absolutely unnecessary for kids to have their phone while in class. Urgent or emergency situations can be handled through phone calls to office. On the other hand, it sure is convenient to just text.

It seems the question is, do kids abuse having their phone. Do they keep it tucked away and only use between classes or when truly necessary? Some do, maybe. I’m sure teachers don’t have time to police them.

Sadly, the same issue applies to adults on the job.