Monday, August 12, 2019

Nicole Galloway announces bid for governor

(From Nicole Galloway for Governor)

As Missouri’s Auditor, I’ve been your independent watchdog. I hold the powerful accountable to the people by standing on the side of taxpayers - demanding transparency and fairness.

The people of Missouri should know there is someone looking out for them. That’s what you deserve.

That is why I am announcing my candidacy for Governor of Missouri.

Help our campaign hit the ground running:


Concerned citizen said...

Seems to be a moderate but gosh Parsons is doing a mighty fine job!

Anonymous said...

But parsons is following the party line or what they tell him to do. She has done such a super job as auditor it will be a shame to see her go, but I can only imagine how much she can do as governor exposing the corruption in our legislature. A bright spot for our state and its citizens.

Concerned citizen said...

Corruption will always be present in the grandiose governmental structures developed by egotistical politicians of both parties...yes good auditors are great but doubtful one can be clearly apolitical..