Thursday, August 15, 2019

Joplin mayor, finance director to discuss city sales taxes on "Newsmakers" program

(From Southern News Serviee)

The next edition of “Newsmakers” on KGCS-TV will focus on a number of special sales taxes for Joplin residents. Funding for parks, storm water, capital improvements and public safety will all be explained when the show hits the airwaves the week of August 18.

The program features Joplin City Finance Director Leslie Haase and Mayor Gary Shaw, both of whom will break down the percentages of each tax and provide details about projects accomplished by the funds. The taxes were approved by Joplin voters.

The show can be seen Sunday through Thursday at 5:30 p.m. on KGCS-TV, Saturday morning at 5:30 a.m. on KOAM-TV – and is also currently posted on KGCS’s YouTube channel, “KGCS Missouri Southern.”

KGCS programming can be seen on channel 21. It is also available on regional cable television systems such as Cable One, Mediacom and Suddenlink Communications. The station operates as a service of the Department of Communication at Missouri Southern State University.


Hell Yeah said...

If you pay it they will spend it!

Anonymous said...

Gary needs to cook me some Gazebo chicken.

Anonymous said...

Leslie Haase was asked by City Council to give recommendations - where police & fire expenditures could be cut. She came up with getting rid of "clothing allowances" for detectives, reducing the number of firemen on a truck (to be more in line with other cities), not taking city cars home, etc.) Also these benefits should be included on the employees W-2 forms which they had not been). Before any sales tax increase is proposed - the electorate needs to be updated if any of these cost reduction proposal were enacted.