Sunday, August 11, 2019

The difficulties that Troy Onstott faces

During these past few weeks, Jill Onstott has faithfully recorded the incredible progress her 10-year-son Troy has made as he recovers from injuries suffered in a UTV accident.

In her latest Facebook update, she recounts the obstacles that remain for Troy and the difficulties that face him.

Day 39:

I’m sharing this first video because it’s HARD. 

For Troy’s sake, I usually only share the good stuff. But I think it is important for his followers to see how difficult it is for him. 

Every day is hard, but Troy takes it like a champ. He is so coachable, never complains even when he’s frustrated and exhausted, both mentally and physically. 

Let me explain this particular exercise:

All the puzzle pieces were at the top of a section of stairs. Troy was to walk up the stairs, grab a puzzle piece (one piece at a time), then walk down the stairs, carry the piece over to the puzzle that was on the table, and put the puzzle together. 

He did this until he had all puzzle pieces on the table. So this was his final step. He put the first pieces together fairly easily so I was shocked when this happened. Elliot and I wanted to reach out to him so bad. But we stood back and watched him struggle through it, and cheered him on when he finally got it!

Oh God- when we honestly work through our faith before our children’s eyes, we can create a connection with them through our struggles. And also reveal a HOPE that they might not have yet. But when my children reveal HOPE to me in Then I realize you are teaching me Lord. And I am listening. Like Troy, I am coachable and I have never felt so HOPEFUL than I have through this struggle, through this journey.
Thank you.


Blessed are those who have nothing and know it. Blessed are those who know that Jesus has everything that we and our children need and are willing to keep asking, seeking, and knocking. Jesus promises that when we persist in asking, we will receive. We will receive the Father’s best gift: the Holy Spirit (Luke 11:10–13) As we ask, we are given the Spirit of God, who shows us the depths of our need and also shines the light of his love into our hearts.

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