Monday, December 08, 2014

Meet the five finalists for Missouri Commissioner of Education

(From the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education)

Following its December meeting, the State Board of Education invited five finalists to interview for Missouri Commissioner of Education. Board members met in executive session on Friday, December 5, and reviewed 12 applications for the position.

"The State Board members are looking for the person who can make Missouri a top 10 state for education by 2020," said Board President Peter Herschend. "We believe we have a strong list of finalists, and we will find the right person to lead us there."

During executive session, it was moved and approved that the following individuals be invited for an interview with the Board:

* Terry R. Adams, Ph.D., Lake Saint Louis, Mo., previously served as superintendent in Rockwood and Wentzville School Districts.

* Douglas D. Hayter, Ed.D., Walnut Shade, Mo., currently serves as superintendent in Branson School District.

* Charles J. Huff, Ed.D., Joplin, Mo., currently serves as superintendent in Joplin School District.

* Norman F. Ridder, Ed.D., Imperial, Mo., currently serves as interim superintendent of Mehlville School District and previously served as superintendent in Springfield School District.

* Margaret M. Vandeven, Ph.D., O'Fallon, Mo., currently serves as deputy commissioner of education, division of learning services and previously served as assistant commissioner of the office of quality schools.

The State Board will meet next week to interview the candidates in Jefferson City. They expect to choose the next commissioner from the interviews.

More than 40 names were submitted in November as nominees for the job.

Current Commissioner of Education, Chris L. Nicastro, is retiring effective Dec. 31, 2014.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping to see Ron Lankford on that list! I think he would do a fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

As much as I want Huff out of Joplin, I can only imagine the damage he could do at the state level.

Anonymous said...

Is Turner completely out of step? I think his bitterness blinds him? It's going to be a long and lonely life for Randy if he doesn't accept some things. He spews his bitterness and a few people egg him on, so his ego is just built up enough to make him feel he has all the answers.

Anonymous said...

I think the results of the last school board election show that Mr. Turner is much more in tune with the Joplin community than is the current Board of Education or the R-8 administration. If you think this blog is merely the ravings of a bitter ex-employee, then either you haven't been paying attention or you are just a shill for the powers that be. Mr. Turner is clearly not alone in his opinions.

Anonymous said...

I'm with 1:04!

Anonymous said...

Ritter and Huff?

When I read the news leader about the finalists, I had a sinking feeling in my heart.

Doesn't anybody do background checks anymore?

Anonymous said...

I'm with 1:31. Someone has too much time to dwell on the past. I'm not saying any candidate is better or worse. I just get tired of so much negativity all around. Use your energy to make things better in some way instead of constantly stirring the pot.

Anonymous said...

1:31-What exactly are you spewing? The only thing this article talks about are facta. Randy doesn't say one negative thing.

Anonymous said...

Exactly where is the negativity? It's amazing how so many people can't see what has and is still happening. All this post does is list the final candidates. Exactly how is that negative?

Anonymous said...

1:31 is the type of guy to pretend to be more than one commenter at once.

Randy Turner has been consistent in his criticism of Common Core and Huff long before he was fired. That suggests something more than bitterness, because he actually has an argument whether you try to characterize it as something else or not. Also, he was right about Speck and stood up for The Chart when no one else would. No amount of hateful trolling from one or two actually bitter people will make it seem otherwise.

Huff has actually been caught by various people in the community lying about different things. The community voted for Fort at the expense of Flowers. That indicates more than Turner as well.

Keep plugging away your isolated comments, 1:31, your isolated ravings only make the stench of desperation that much stronger, only highlight your weaknesses that you would make such personal attacks. Go enjoy a Hadsall magic show while sitting on Besendorfer's over-priced Ikea chairs.

Anonymous said...

Huff has to go. I'm disappointed that there are truly qualified
Educators seeking the position because our chances are not good to get rid of him. The state would suffer from incompetence just like Joplin Schools have. A campaign has to be mounted to get the board out .

Anonymous said...

As I am not a resident of Joplin, I am married to a Joplin R8 teacher. If all you concerned parents are truly concerned about your children's education, then why don't you ask the teachers for their professional opinion. I know 1st hand that a number of teachers are considering leaving R8, and more would if they could find positions elsewhere. Parents should ask how much time teachers are in meetings and add that into the equations to help answer questions about why overall test scores are below preceeding years. I fortunately do not have children of school for I guarantee you they would NOT be in R8 schools! wake up parents and get involved with what education your are not getting under this very poor administration. Good Luck, your children need it.