Friday, July 19, 2019

After a tough day, Troy Onstott bounces back during physical therapy

Physical therapy continues for 10-year-old Troy Onstott, son of T. J. and Jill Onstott, Lamar, as he recovers at Chlldren's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City from a UTV accident.

His mother once again movingly writes of the strides Troy is making.

Day 16:

Troy struggled yesterday. He did some really great things but he was tired, legs wouldn’t cooperate, and unable to keep his head up. It was a challenge to stay positive. But we did.

And then today, he shows off by writing his NAME! Nobody spelling it out, or holding his arm. Just therapist Meg asking him to write his name. (left-handed at that!) This won’t be going on the fridge people, it’s a framer!

Pool time was 👍! I already noticed improvements on the parallel bars this afternoon, after only one pool session. So we are excited about that.

Troy you are doing awesome, every day you’re awesome!

Tonight Gigi, Kiki, and Thayer got to witness Troy’s big smile that Thayer pulled out of you by dancing and singing the absolute cutest version of Old Town Road. Gigi was so excited, I thought she was gonna break down and dance for us too.

Thank you ALL for the continued prayers, they are being answered. I wish you could see all the miracles happening but surely, you get the drift!

God-you felt our pain from yesterday and brought us a brighter day today. You and Troy continue to soar while TJ and I get to watch it all unfold. It’s truly amazing. 

Troy smiles at some point every day now and that alone is your promise shining through him. We fully give this to you Lord. We were built for this battle, and we know as long as we stand for YOU, our fear can not shake us. 

I continue to thank you for the undeserved blessings you send us daily. Your kingdom has opened their hearts and let you in and it’s YOUR NAME we praise!
We love you so much Lord.


T-trial & triumph
R-road to recovery
O-obstacles to overcome
Y-you will (in His name, you will)

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