Thursday, July 18, 2019

Another update provided on 10-year-old Troy Onstott's recovery

In her most recent Facebook update, published Wednesday night, Jill Onstott cites more steps forward for her 10-year-old son Troy as he recovers at Children's Mercy Hospital from a UTV accident and looks forward to the next day (today) when Troy gets to swim.

Day 15:

Just two weeks post accident, I find my sweet boy smiling in his sleep as I go to kiss him goodnight. Makes me wonder if he’s fishing somewhere on the bank of a pond or old creeky dock. I sure hope so.

Troy pushed through hump day eating Cheetos and drinking Gatorade. But let’s be real, he ate 2 Cheetos and took 2 sips of gatorade. I’d say that’s 1% better Troy boy!
We are looking forward to SWIMMING tomorrow! 

We have moved rooms 5 times now so my nightly routine has changed a bit. This week I started listening to music to clear my head when l first lay down. I just finished listening to:
“The Goodness of the Lord” - Travis Ryan
(Insert: I need my earbuds! TJ’s snoring just isn’t cutting it for me anymore 😉)

This song is so moving. Just take a minute and listen, close your eyes if possible, open your heart, and let Him in.

The Goodness of the Lord
It Never Fails Me
The Goodness of the Lord
It Overwhelms Me
The Goodness of the Lord
Is Always True

God- I see you, when I see that smile, I see YOU. It’s like you’re giving me a little wink saying, “Go to bed momma, rest. We’ll fight for him again tomorrow.” You never fail me Lord. I pray that Troy can find new strength in the pool tomorrow, and learn to trust his right side. I know I’m asking for so much, but I know you will heal him in your time. So until then, we’ll swim and be free for as long as they’ll let us. I pray for lots of smiles tomorrow as he will be doing something he loves. Thank you God, I’m so proud to be this boys momma.

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Randy, I appreciate these updates.