Monday, July 22, 2019

More movement, positive signs for Troy Onstott

In the latest Facebook update from Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, on the recovery of her 10-year-old son Troy from an ATV accident, Jill Onstott of Lamar, reports that Troy is showing movement in his right leg on command and is also beginning to do other things on his own initiative.

Amazing God- you have been so good to us. You continue to surround us with people who genuinely care. 

The overwhelming love they continue to show us is all YOU Lord. You are using #TROYBOY to breathe life not only into our hometown but into so many more. 

Together we are facing giants with confidence and we look nowhere else but UP. We surrender to your design Lord. 

It’s in your beautiful name,

Troy surprised us this morning, showing movement in his right leg on command. 

When getting out of bed, and into the shower...he initiated the movement. Praying it continues to strengthen as he rehabs this week. His right arm just hangs, no movement to speak of YET. He is back in the pool tomorrow with the focus on that arm. We’re hopeful he will start to gain more control of his whole right side by the end of this week.

He had a successful rest day today visiting with family and friends. We even squeezed in a father/son haircut with Brice Caruthers, who stopped in with his family this afternoon to take care of my boys. 

THANK YOU for volunteering your hair skills Brice!

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