Monday, July 29, 2019

Troy speaks- Miracles continue for the Onstott family

For those parents who wish their children would be quiet for just a minute, imagine if they were quiet all the time.

For the past three and a half weeks, T. J. and Jill Onstott of Lamar have prayed to just to hear their 10-year-old son Troy's voice following an ATV accident that has him recovering at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

As Jill Onstott writes in her latest Facebook update, those prayers have been answered.

Day 26:

Turn up the volume because a little boy has something to say to ALL OF YOU! To everyone praying, believing, and supporting him in any way.....

This morning while brushing his teeth, we worked on sticking his tongue out and saying ‘ehhh’, and he did it...this was the first noise he made for us on command. We thought that was the excitement of our day but little did we know that there was more, much more, where that came come. 

Later that afternoon we were feeding him lunch with Uncle Chris and Papa Tim. He had a mouth full and started mumbling something. 

I quickly had him spit out the food so he could say whatever it was he needed to say. And for the life of us we couldn’t figure it out. He kept saying “- - - real” over and over. Said the exact same thing, this went on for at least 5 minutes. 

We had him try to write it out for us and we just got scribbles. We thought he wanted his fishing reels, so we got them out and yet he still kept saying it. So we got out my phone to see if by chance he could type it out. And he typed “ARE YOU GUYS REAL?” 

Our hearts hit the ground. 

We grabbed him and said “YES!!!! We are REAL, we’re right here with you, and we’re not leaving your side, not for one minute. You are in the hospital because you were in an accident but your getting better every single day and we will be home before you know it! God is taking care of us!” 

He started crying and then we ALL started crying. It was one of the heaviest moments of my life. A moment I never want to forget. My precious boy realizing more and more every day and he can speak about it now. PRAISE JESUS!!! It’s SUNDAY ya’ll so we got to share this moment with a big chunk of our family today and that too, I’m so thankful for.

God- you you you, it’s all YOU! YOU are so faithful to us in every way. We don’t feel weak because of YOU. We don’t feel scared because of YOU. We don’t feel alone because of YOU. We’re overwhelmed by YOU.

And we boldly stand for YOU knowing your love will defend us in this fight that rages on. We praise YOU God for the strength in our souls, and ask that you continue to guide us through this war and trust that it is already won. I ask that YOU wrap your arms tight around my confused Troy and reassure him that YOU will take care him, every step of the way. My hope for him is to feel overwhelmed by YOU. 



Unknown said...

So wonderful to hear that news!!! Prayers do wonders!!!

Anonymous said...

Randy, thanks for sharing this and all of the reports about him.