Saturday, July 27, 2019

Some thoughts on Joplin R-8, teen suicide and this week's top Turner Report/Inside Joplin posts

Several years ago, I was in my classroom at South Middle School after school grading newspapers with an eighth grade girl stopped by said hi and then stayed in the room while I was grading papers.

She played music on the radio, occasionally talked to me the kinds of things teenagers talk about and stayed about 30 to 45 minutes.

It was not the first time a student had stopped by me to talk with me, nor was it the last and I did not see it as anything special. I wanted my students to always feel welcome in my classroom.

I did not realize at the time how special that conversation really was.

The girl later told me she had been contemplating killing herself and just the fact that I was willing to listen to her made her rethink her situation.

I had no idea.

I had always taken my responsibility as a classroom teacher seriously, but that day really put things into perspective for me.

Anyone who works with children needs to be aware of the incredible pressures they are under, especially in this age of social media and cyberbullying.

That was why the social media blowup over a Joplin R-8 bus driver's Facebook post about the way some R-8 employees were sloughing off a suicide prevention training video earlier this week caught my attention.

We have had a serious problem with teen suicide in this area and at Joplin High School in particular. The R-8 District has made suicide prevention a primary goal and this training video was designed to bring everyone who works with children into being a part of the solution.

I have a hard time believing more than a few of the employees were not taking the training seriously, but when you have something that is this important and we are talking about lives here, there is no room for juvenile Facebook posts. sleeping during a training session or texting.

I really do not think my eighth grade student would have killed herself if I had been in a bad mood and told her I did not have time to talk to her that afternoon.

Thankfully, I will never know.

All I know is she is alive and the world is richer for it.

Showing some kindness and decency may not prevent a child from making a tragic decision, but it never hurts.

And if you are going to work with children, it is not an imposition to watch a video that could help save a life.

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