Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Improvement continues, rehab begins for 10-yaer-old Troy Onstott

The long journey to recovery starts with a single step and 10-year-old Troy Onstott of Lamar, seriously injured in a UTV accident Wednesday, has continued to make improvements.

Troy, the son of T J. and Jill Onstott, is being treated at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

In a series of Facebook updates, Jill Onstott has kept Troy's legion of supporters, who have been praying for him since word of his accident became known, informed.

The latest update was posted an hour ago and is printed below:

Day 7:

Every night after the chaos begins to settle, the lights start to dim, I walk TJ to his bed and kiss him goodnight, then remind him of the amazing dad he is. [Guys, he is rarely away from Troy’s bedside holding his hand, letting him know constantly how proud he is of him. Troy has never felt alone I can guarantee that.]

And then I finally get settled in my chair next to Troy’s bed and kick off my shoes. And then while staring at Troy I chat with God about our day.

God- you showed tremendous love for us today answering specific prayers for Troy’s comfort. You showed love through our friends and family, and also through those who don’t even know us but still stop by to pray with us. And Lord, the prayers keep pouring in and you hear our cries and you continue to carry this burden for us. Please help TJ and I find a way to express our gratitude to our generous friends. We are moved beyond measure. 


Look at this boy, only 24 hrs on c-pap and done. They removed it around noon today along with his arterial line. Since then he has been far less agitated. PRAYERS ANSWERED! 

So why was today the toughest of my days so far? You would think watching him free himself from machine after machine would make things easier. But no, the hard work has just begun. 

It was definitely hard to swallow the images of his therapy today which took 3 nurses just to sit him up. It was absolutely heartbreaking. But my word, they are already starting rehab! Which is great news! 

So why do I let myself feel sad, and upset, and start thinking of the “what ifs” of Troy’s future, and why didn’t we take him camping when he asked etc. All the things that don’t really matter but hurt us to our core. 

So TJ and I quickly cried out to God for direction, we gathered our thoughts, and amazing things started to happen. Troy followed us with his eyes, and responded to people’s voices. He grabbed Aunt Kiki’s arm and started to rub it just letting her know he loves her. He showed off for the Hilburns giving us a HUGE thumbs up that gave us all chills. And now look at him, not agitated at all. Just ready for a good nights sleep.


Thank you all for EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING! Your prayers and gifts are unbelievable.

Good night.

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