Thursday, July 25, 2019

Troy Onstott makes a new friend at Children's Mercy Hospital

Troy Onstott made a new friend Wednesday at Children's Mercy Hospital, Kansas City, where he is recovering from an ATV accident.

In her latest Facebook post from Wednesday night, Troy's mother Jill tells the story and offers a glimpse at what lies ahead for Troy, her and her husband T. J. and the other members of the Onstott family for the next several weeks.

This picture is a little ironic. 

After our chocolate lab, Jax past away last year (RIP sweet boy), we didn’t think we could own another choc lab because it just wouldn’t compare to our Jax. 

Troy always said he wanted a Golden Retriever, even thinking Santa would bring him one. Well Santa brought us Marley instead, another choc lab who we adore so much. He brought her to us before Jax passed in hopes that it wouldn’t feel like we were trying to replace him, instead Jax had time to show her the ropes before he passed. It was perfect. 

But poor Troy never got his golden retriever...until now. Meet Bode, a volunteer here at CM. Troy’s pet for the next month or so. Two handsome boys right there!

Thank you ALL for your prayers. After meeting with our rehab team today, we concluded that our goals line up with theirs for where we hope to be in Troy’s recovery by the end of August, at which it won’t end there of course. We will then transfer to an out-patient therapy center (location undecided at this time).

My brain is mush and eyes are so tired after doing some much needed research this evening but first I wanted to let you know that Troy did great today. He is eating soft foods now and loving that. (well he didn’t like the chicken pot pie so much tonight but we will have to play around with new foods until we get it all worked out). He is engaging more with his friends and visitors, which is the most exciting part.

God- you are AMAZING! You continue to fill our days with miracles, and Troy’s will to get better and stronger every day is contagious. Thank you for using our sweet boy to teach us (his parents) to surrender everything to you. We trust in you to open the right doors and lead us down YOUR path of healing, transforming Troy into the boy YOU intended him to be. I already look at him and see fire in his eyes Lord, it’s pretty darn magical. I pray that he continues to get better every single day as he has showed us this far.
We love you Lord,

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