Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Joplin man pleads guilty to sexual exploitation of minors, receiving, distributing child pornography

During a 12-minute hearing this afternoon in U. S. District Court in Springfield, Kaleb Wilson, 27, Joplin, pleaded guilty to sexual exploitation of a minor and receiving and distributing child pornography.

Wilson's crimes were described in an October 12 news release from the U. S. Attorney for the Western District of Missouri:

According to an affidavit filed in support of today’s federal criminal complaint, Instagram submitted a CyberTipline report on May 5, 2017, to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The report indicated that an Instagram user, later identified as Wilson, had uploaded multiple images of child pornography between March 21 and March 26, 2017.

Law enforcement officers executed a search warrant at Wilson’s residence on April 2, 2018, and seized several electronic items, which are pending forensic examination.

On Aug. 14, 2018, a detective with the Vancouver, Wash., Police Department contacted the Southwest Missouri Cyber Crimes Task Force and requested assistance in a separate investigation of Wilson. The Vancouver investigation was launched when a resident of that jurisdiction reported that her minor child had been exchanging sexually explicit messages and images with an adult male, later identified as Wilson.

Wilson allegedly communicated with the minor victim via the social media application Kik. According to the affidavit, Wilson and the child victim communicated and exchanged pornographic photos with each other from December 2016 through Aug. 8, 2018.


Anonymous said...

Meh, he’s not to worried. He knows our society doesn’t value children all that much, The children he has harmed gets a life sentence to deal with the damage. He’ll get a plea deal, slap on the hands, be back out on the streets in no time, to pick up where he left off.

Where are all the people so concerned about unborn rights? Why not direct some of that righteous indignation toward protecting the children already here? Why aren’t they just as important? Why not lobby for much stiffer penalties and less plea deals?

Statistically, a majority of abusers were victims themselves. What are we doing to stop the cycle?

Anonymous said...

Concerning unborn rights, if we aborted all the fetuses then there would be no children for these monsters to harm. Easy fix, right?