Friday, July 12, 2019

Jill Onstott: Ten-year-old Troy's physical therapy begins and "a storm of miracles is about to happen

The thousands of supporters who are pulling for the recovery of 10-year-old Troy Onstott, son of T. J. and Jill Onstott of Lamar, should be heartened by her latest update from Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City posted late Thursday.

Day 9:

Tonight I wanted to share with you one of my favorite smiles in the entire world. This picture was taken this summer during our 5th Annual Big O Bass Tournament. [Troy’s favorite “holiday”] 

I’ve never seen Troy spend so much time preparing for something, as he did for this tournament. He was READY! Well when he didn’t win, he told me “mom, I’m gonna start preparing now so I can win it next year.” I just rolled my eyes and said go for it bud. So he started mowing a couple yards and helping his dad at the hog barns, saving up for more tackle...line, baits, etc. He started fishing the Big O daily, sometimes 3 times a day. 

The deal was he had to run the dam 5 times before he threw out one cast, to get in shape for football. He thought this was a good deal. The kid was hooked. Fishing is most definitely Troy’s happy place so you better believe when it’s finally time to bring him home, we’re going straight to the Big O!

God, thank you for allowing me to be the mom of this beautiful smile. Lord, I would do anything to bring this smile back. Troy started going to the gym (aka therapy) this morning to get just a small taste of what the therapists have in store for him next week. 

And oh my gosh we are pretty excited of what this boy is already showing us. I know you’ll stay with him every step of the way God. Please give him the strength and endurance he needs because I promise...he will give you his all. Lord we love you and we know you’ve got this. 


Troy was wore out after just one hour of therapy today. He slept the entire rest of the day and all I keep thinking of is the phrase “the calm before the storm”...his brain needing total calmness because a storm of miracles are about to happen

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