Sunday, July 14, 2019

Positive news keeps coming as Troy Onstott recovers

The latest update on the ongoing recovery process for 10-year-old Troy Onstott, son of T. J. and Jill Onstott, Lamar, was posted about an hour ago.

Another positive day.

Day 12:

When Blake Martin leads story time, miracles happen!!! My gosh what a sight, look at that SMILE!  There’s our Troyboy! 

Our families now suggest that TJ’s MOSO buddies take Troy through his rehab this week, could you imagine?! WHAT A DAY! 

Lord- we praise you, with every hug and tear of JOY we shed today, we praise you! 

Every day, I see you respond to our healing prayers. We begged to just see those beautiful blue eyes again, he opened his eyes. 

Today after service in the downstairs chapel, I filled out 3 prayer cards: 

1. for #teamleah, a sweet little girl who is still here battling in the PICU. 

2. for a boy who’s mom reached out to us, he has been in and out of CM for the past five yrs. 

3. for the healing Troy needs to put a smile on his face. 


God-when he smiles, your light shines through his eyes. I’m so thankful for that moment and for the gift to share it with our family and friends. Thank you! 

Lord, this is a big week starting full days of therapy. I ask that you give this boy the strength and determination it takes to conquer this. You are an amazing God. Thank you for your love and mercy, and for answering our prayers. 


I can’t stop smiling...

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